[Android] Cancelled Direct Debit shows no information

I had a Direct Debit come through which shouldn’t have been setup (mistake at the merchant, but caught too late to cancel the DD setup) so as soon as it the ‘Direct debit setup’ feed item came through on Monzo, I selected the direct debit and selected cancel.

However, now whenever I select that feed item, I end up with an empty transaction page. The direct debit also does not show up on the ‘Payments->Scheduled payments’ page so there is no way of finding out the reference details etc.

Details to reproduce:
Cancel a direct debit.

Android 7.1.1

Google/Motorola Nexus 6

App Version:


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Have you got to that page via the dismissable feed notification?

I suppose if the DD is cancelled there should be nothing showing on your account at all, so if it is the dismissable notification should that be deleted altogether (rather than just being dismissed?


I think it should take me to details of the direct debit with the message ‘Cancelled’ (I may still need the DD reference etc). On other banks, I can see a list of (recently) cancelled direct debits - but with Monzo there doesn’t seem to be a way (this is the first time cancelling a DD with Monzo so I don’t actually know the ‘normal flow’).

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Not all banks do. Certainly with Halifax, Lloyds, TSB once they are cancelled they are removed entirely from your account.

I think the bug is that if the DD is removed from your account, you shouldn’t even see the notification in your feed at all (based on the current behaviour). Not seeing the DD is expected behaviour though.

I suppose there is an argument that you should be able to see cancelled DDs but personally I wouldn’t want to, and there could be many which could be confusing (especially if you have multiple ones for the same company).

No worries :smiley: I’ve just had my first cancelled DD yesterday, but I also always dismiss the feed notifications (as once I’m notified, I don’t need it to show in my feed anymore). If I had a notification still, I’d confirm the behaviour :eyes: