UEFA Champions league competition

so today I’ve received an email about being a winner of the mastercard UEFA Champions league competition Cup final for June 1, I’m not sure if it’s ligit or not as I never signed up to the competition added a screenshot

Did you shop at Zavvi? You may have signed up for it and forgotten.

That or someone is piggybacking the legit competition to try and trick and scam you. But there’s not enough detail in your screenshot to tell the difference.

Link to the competition on Zavvi’s website


here’s the full email screenshot

OK. Given that it asks you to log into your Zavvi account and use the messaging system to send a message, it could be worth doing just that.

I’ve just logged into my own Zavvi account to check the icon they describe to click on exists, and it does.

Last thing I’d advise would be to go to the Zavvi website directly (typing the address in your browser or a Google search) rather than clicking on any of the links in the email, just in case.


I’d go onto your Zavvi account and see if the message is there?

Doesn’t look to be asking you to give them anything via the email so going through their website would suggest some sort of legitimacy.

CONGRATS if you have though! are you a Spurs or Liverpool supporter?

EDIT: as @HoldenCarver says, go onto the website from a fresh tab on your browser and not through a link.

WITHOUT replying, hit reply and examine the email address it came from… does it look legit?

Sadly you are not the only person to have received this email…


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Looks like someone messed up!


oh wow that’s messed up now I’m disappointed :disappointed_relieved:

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Wow that’s a big boo boo from zavvi. That really is a trip of a lifetime to a lot of footie fans, especially with how the airlines have hiked up the prices of flights.
Gutted for any football fans who received this

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And like the best they can offer is a 15% discount code for their monumental screw up.
I don’t think I’d like to be the real winner of that particular prize right now.

My brother received this, I was ecstatic! Then they sent him an apology a few hours later along with a 15% off code :confused:

We giving you this but taking it away. Please spend money at our store. Some nice marketing there


I heard yesterday that this retailer had emailed their entire online customer base saying they’d won this trip!!!