Betting Side Withdrawal - Split thread

I’m a betfair VIP customer and they have done absolutely sod all. Told me 3 or 4 stories.

They offered me a £20 bet!! I pump thousands through them. It’s an absolute disgrace. I won’t be using them again.

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Flipping hell…give me some tips on horse or footy for today pl


Both teams to score headers in the Brom V Brum game and Girona V Bilbao game a few weeks back was mental. £75 double paid £16,575

Both to score headers doubles is the way to go.

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I use 365 and got their master card so can withdraw instant.m
What bet u got on for today

Singles and 4 doubles

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Not sure if 365 have a market on this…will check now

Wolves V AFC was 11/1 headers last night…both got one :+1:

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Has 365 for this header market?

Hi both, I’ve split this out from the main betting side incident thread as it’s not really on-topic. (Feel free to change the title).

And as a note from me: please be very careful taking any kind of betting or financial advice from other members on the forum


I hate when given the run around, I wish companies would be straight up.

But by the looks of things you pump money out of them not in so maybe they don’t like you :grin: