Can’t get through to chat and don’t know where my new card is being sent

Hey, I have tried to reactivate my account. A new card has been sent out but since I have moved it will have gone to the wrong address. I’ve tried the chat function but it’s been several days without any response. I don’t appear to have the option to initiate an urgent chat either. Any other ways I could get through to the team quick so I can cancel the card and get one sent out to the appropriate address?

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You can try the phone number - 08008021281 however not sure if they’ll be able to help on the phone. Otherwise it’s just a case of waiting for a response I’m afraid. I’ve also flagged the post to Monzo in case they can help but might not see anyone on the forums until Monday now.

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Hi @Knoxy26

I’m really sorry about this :disappointed:

I think someone has reached out to you about this but if there is any further trouble then be sure to let me know and we’ll get someone onto it :+1:


Thanks Hugh,@HughWells

Unfortunately, I have been asked to verify my identity by entering my pin. But when I do this it then says I need to activate my card (which I don’t have/ am just trying to get sent to me) first.
Any ideas how to sort this ASAP!
I would assume the card is already at another address by now :see_no_evil: