We've returned some money

Just received this notification.
I’ve never seen this before, has anybody had it before or know what could have happened or what’s been fixed?


Could it be when Uber charge you the max a journey could cost and then haven’t settled it at a lower price?

I know your screenshot says Uber Eats but don’t they use them interchangeably?!

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That sounds about right.
I’ve never seen this screen or notification for a returned pending amount though.

Personally I’d like a bit more info than what’s provided in the second screenshot.

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The left screenshot, are any of those tap-able? So can you see what those two payments are/were/when?

No, its just the notes, I have ‘1 from UberBV’ or £2.24

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Had a similar thing for a payment made at Wetherspoons.

Also had an unexpected refund from Saver’s which was weird.

Loads of people saying similar on Monzo’s Saving Squad on Facebook

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Here’s to hoping I get a random refund too :crossed_fingers: :grin:


I also got this. In the help section of the app they explain it in a bit more details.

Of course I’d like to understand why this happened exactly, but as long as I’m not losing money I’m satisfied enough. Edit: to be fair, after re-reading the explanation above, it’s pretty clear what happened. Monzo would just hold the pending transaction forever.


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I wonder how much money Monzo hold in error on a monthly basis.


Is this what it feels like to be the employee who doesn’t get a Christmas bonus whilst all your colleagues do?


If any other bank was withholding people’s money there’d be an uproar.


I had some money just returned now ,

I guess we know who leaves tips :grin:

It’s quite a bad mistake imo , and I’d hope there’s a more technical explanation on what happened, and how they realised what happened and what steps they’ll take for future, overall a more official blog post than a help article.

They’ll be a stink , but you’ll have to wait for the times to see the discussion on the forum.


I realise you want to be dramatic, but they aren’t withholding anything.


Can anyone who has one of these refunds tell how long they were holding the money for? I.e. when the original transaction went through?

I was under the impression that these authorisations like that would generally expire and the money be returned relatively quickly. (In app it says 8 to 30 days, for the merchant to collect, and if they don’t returned).

Does that suggest these were held for longer than 30, or it’s just any time when that double authorisation / single collection has happened?

Be interested to hear how this went wrong - is it a problem with how merchants do this type of auth. or just the Monzo implementation. And equally how it got spotted. Bet there’s a good blog post in that :slight_smile:


Some of the sums now being repaid must have been withheld for quite a long time - I base this on the fact that Monzo is paying 8% interest on some of the payments according to the screenshots above.

To me, this seems to be an issue with the way that Monzo were letting certain authorisations expire without returning the funds to the customer.

It’s quite a big error in terms of processing payments properly imho for a bank and worrying that its been occuring.


Mine is a guess but probs about a year, mine was for the Apple pre auth check for £1 from my sole account and not used that for ages for Apple anyway :joy:


I’ve had two of these - one to my joint account and one to my personal account. The joint account one was for a transaction at least two months ago, probably a bit longer than that. Not sure about the personal account one. In both cases, there wasn’t any interest paid so not sure what the cutoff point for that is.

I’ve just had quite a large one returned from March, plus 8%!

Complained about it on here, to Monzo, and the merchant a few times.

Everyone but the merchant told me it’s the merchant’s fault!

Glad it’s finally fixed now. Now my budget has a surplus for the month, the question is what to spend it on. :thinking:


Was this your £4 Pret order, or the £112 from Amazon?!

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