Uber journey on a map inside transaction

Hey guys,

Would be awesome to use the Uber API to pull in the start and end latitude and longitude of the journey. This could then be displayed via polygons on a map inside the receipt view.



This would be great :heart_eyes:

In fact, @rdingwall (who works for Monzo) built a very similar integration to the one you’ve described at the very first Monzo hackathon so the team has a pretty good foundation to build on already :slight_smile: -

Every time you take an Uber trip and pay with Mondo, this app annotates the transaction with a map of your journey. When you open that transaction within your Mondo account, your Uber trip map is immediately visible.

This concept can be expanded to a whole range of loyalty and membership data using the Mondo API—pull in your Amazon receipts or update your transactions with Clubcard or Nectar points when you shop in a supermarket.

Text from this blog post.


Can someone go ahead and merge his PR please :sweat_smile:.

Definitely a good foundation to build on. Need Hugo to finesse the design a bit :blush::ok_hand:t3:.

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Or just include the URL on the Monzo transaction to the Uber journey history item so you can see all the details i.e. Exact route, fare, leave review etc?


Now that would be an easy enhancement :smile::ok_hand:t3:

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What would be even better would be if Monzo could tell that my UberEATS purchases aren’t taxi journeys and didn’t categorise the spending as travel! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this would be a great idea! I really hope Monzo gets behind this :grin: