Link transactions to other apps

(Jamie Johnson) #1

Sorry in advance if this has been posted elsewhere.

I think it would be amazing if when you click on a transaction on your feed, the details page would either have a link to switch into the corresponding app or display some of the information from the other app if you authorise the apps to share data. For example, if I get an uber by android pay with my Monzo card, I obviously have the uber app - I would like to be able to click ‘view this ride in uber app’ or something of a similar fashion. The same could also be applied to travel apps such as easyjet, Ryanair etc. to ‘view boarding pass’ or ‘go to easyjet’. Even apps like deliveroo, just eat, amazon etc.

Alternatively, to use the uber example again, if monzo could retrieve data from the app, it could choose which details to display, such as the journey map or where your journey was from and to written in the notes section. A bit like how when I ‘split the bill with monzo’ through the deliveroo app, the money that comes in from who I send the link to has a note saying ‘deliveroo order from {insert restaurant name}’.

I don’t know how feasible either of these would be but I think either would be a great feature.

(Frank) #2

It was mentioned some time ago about linking to the companies websites but direct to the apps is an interesting idea.

I would be happy with either. Great idea :+1:t2: