[iOS] Transaction travel map

Ability to show across a world map pins for which countries you’ve registered spend at, and when clicked the total amount with the ability to load a list of spend by country by date.


That sounds good! Although I have a feeling that an independent developer might build this before Monzo has a chance to, once the API is ready

A developer’s actually already started work on something similar - this app doesn’t summarise your spending by country but if you’d like you see your transactions by location in a ‘zoomable’ map

(& you don’t have too many transactions), check this out, from @walking_fishy -

You’ll need to create a client in the developer playground (which is a straightforward process), in order to sign into this app.


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I am so hooked on Google Maps API that when Monzo API comes alive I will definitely be marrying those two up until death do them part :wink:


Ok this would be a really cool way to visualise the locations of your transactions & share where you’ve been with others :heart_eyes:

And Tristan’s just retweeted it :eyes:


Here’s the best transaction map that I’ve seen so far from @philaturner which he’s simply called monzo-map.

It includes several different ways to view your transaction data, including a heatmap which - as you’d expect - is a great way to see the areas where you spend most of your money.

Here’s a couple of screenshots.



& on the Mac, the view includes pillars for each merchant’s location


You can access it here https://philaturner.github.io/monzo-map/, all you need to do is log into the API playground, to copy your account details & access the app.

There is a bit of a bug for the heatmap view - for me at least - which makes every area green but I’ve let him know about that.

Phil’s been steadily improving on this so hopefully a little appreciation will help motivate him to keep making this even better :smile:



Thanks for sharing, actively be working on this as I get time. Any suggestions/ideas/improvements/bugs welcome.

There are some flaws in the heat map but have plans to tidy and add some more flexible options (point density vs. spend)

Fun project to work on, loving it & Monzo of course :slight_smile:


I :heart: this so much, just done it with my data :smiley:


Updated a number of things if anyone is interested:

  • More visual tooltips inline with Monzo categories (need to fix large amounts)
  • Button to find top merchant
  • Tower filter added
  • Heatmap tweaks and improvements
  • Ability to preview map with sample data

I’m currently exploring a way to visually see your transactions over time (Inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0IEMjN0-ZI) as well as build in some filtering around months. Also looking at chart.js to drive some top level spending info. I’ll get better with currency too :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun!!


This is very cool. I really like it.

Really nice design and function, reminds me of the Move-o-Scope plugin for Moves that I used to love. Being able to visualise your own trends on that scale is a lot of fun, but also encourages you to get out and use your card.

It’d be great to see something like that intergrated into the Monzo app itself at some point - I think it would drive a lot of purchasing in fun places, haha.

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Looks like monzo listen :wink: image


Pointless. Some of transactions are in India, some Romania etc never been there.

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I’d suggest going into those transactions and updating the location?

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This idea is now listed as done but still only android as far as I know. Surely this isn’t ‘done’ until it’s platform wide???


I agree

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