Uber Eat - Don't get caught out

Went to order a £4.79 6" subway as delivery was only 30p so I thought it’s worth it.

Nowhere a long the order process did it tell me about the pathetic " Small Order Fee "

On the final page it said that it would come to £7.50(ish) so thought ok maybe the delivery is slightly higher.

Then I realised when i looked at the receipt there was a £2.00 small order fee as the order came under £5.00 . Meaning it would have been cheaper to get a foot long.
I saw this immediately but there was no way to cancel the order or even phone my local Subway as their number was out of service )

yes mad

I think this is just a mistake you’ve made by perhaps rushing and being a bit careless.

I see the fees several times throughout the order process. At the top of subway menu page, when you add things to your basket and on checkout. I certainly wouldn’t have input my card details and placed the order without reading the order breakdown either.

An example of it pops up here too where you acknowledge them

I also wouldn’t class it as pathetic. It’s fairly reasonable to understand that it’s not really worth it for them to drive to your house with an order for less than £5. I don’t know of any takeaways that don’t have a minimum order amount for delivery but that might just be my area.


Some via Just Eat don’t.

I wouldn’t use Uber Eats again after discovering their delivery prices higher than Just Eat for same order from same company and branch.

I’m more disappointed that you thought 6 inches would be enough to satisfy you at lunchtime!


But at least it’s delivery related to stick with the theme :wink:

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It literally tells you the cost before you confirm payment.

This is not sneaky tactics or anything, it’s a case of you not reading before paying. I don’t think it can get much clearer?


You were right.

I don’t think £8 is a bad price to pay for someone to make you a sandwich and deliver it to your house tbf.

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Considering you are paying the restaurant (Subway) their own price - as if they sold it to you there and then - and then are paying a separate delivery fee for the person to drive it to you: who gets the “small order fee” - it isn’t the delivery driver or the restaurant… (Hint: it’s Uber who also get the service fee - talk about “nickel and diming” customers!)

At least you can get Deliveroo or Uber Eats in your area :disappointed: .

Its even more fustrating when you find out if you go one step further and dig out the official app for the selected Takeaway its even cheaper :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ah fair enough. User error then.
It’s just I usually get a McDonalds which has like £3 delivery so I assumed it was the same.

Lesson learned !

It’s a common mistake men make :blush:


As an aside - I did not realise how many take-aways people were ordering!

This came up in conversation recently and most people around the (virtual) table were ordering two or three a week!

(not a value judgement by the way - just news to me!)

JustEat have £1.99 delivery for McDonald’s.

If it helps balance things out, my average is closer to one a month. I’d have no money left if I was ordering three a week! That’s mad.

I’ve gone to 0 a month now, was spending way too much. To the extent that one takeaway would pretty much be comparable to a weeks worth of home made food 🤦

I can’t believe it every year when people compare their Year In Monzos for how many times a week they go to Greggs and McDonald’s. Filthy food.

Wait until health and life insurance companies begin to leverage open banking data to see how healthy your eating is, and price their premiums accordingly.