£0.50 card fee


Hi guys I was hoping someone could help? I used my monzo card today to buy a takeout on the just eat app and to my amazement I got charged a £0.50 card fee. I thought all card payments were free especially in the UK

(Peter Roberts) #2

Not yet. JustEat isn’t being Monzo specific in this case, they levy this on all the cards I’ve ever used


Thanks for the feed back I won’t be using just eat anymore. Next time I’ll ring my order through and pay on collection

(Peter Roberts) #4

That’ll give the restaurant a decent extra cut too :grinning:

(Chinedu Umeh) #5

These charges will be outlawed early next year. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/rip-off-card-charges-to-be-outlawed


To be clear, all card use on Monzo is free in the UK, even when withdrawing foreign currencies at UK ATMs. If the merchant or machine happen to charge, it is nothing to do with Monzo.

Did you know there are now over two hundred ATMs on the tube offering Euros?

(MikeF) #7

Yeah, Monzo have only ever said they won’t charge you. They haven’t said anything about anyone else not charging you.

(Scott) #8

That’s justeats rip off fees! Nothing todo with Monzo daylight robbery :stuck_out_tongue:


You must be blind or starving to not have noticed this justeat fee. They state it very clearly on the payment screen. I have ordered from them a few times and seen this 50p charge and tried using visa or other cards instead to no avail. It is basically just a platform fee. The conclusion to each visit was me buying the food anyway cos I’d gone to the effort to add the food to the basket and was too hungry to care about 50p. But when you are not in a hungry state 50p fee does seem outrageous for a 2p transaction.

I take it it is the EU who are banning these outrageous fees and not our own government who are laissez-faire (ie. ‘don’t give a sh1t’ in English)


No, it’s a UK rule. Other EU countries do already have similar bans however.

(Allie) #11

The UK ban is going one further. The EU rule is only related to the major four-party schemes, the UK is banning all surcharges for electronic payments.

(Leigh Nicholls) #12

You might also notice than on Just Eat some of the takeaway companies charge a delivery fee yet if you rang them direct and used the standard paper menu they offer free delivery.
This is a way for them to recover the percentage take that Just Eat make on them.
I’ve noticed it on several orders and stopped using Just Eat as it worked out more expensive.

(Valeri) #13

Just Eat are facilitating the sale :money_with_wings: and as such they must gain something too.

It makes sense to be (slightly) more expensive than placing the order directly with the takeaway but that is more or less ‘convenience’ surcharge.

If the venue does not have its own website that takes payments :credit_card: I’d much rather pay £0.5 extra to Just Eat than tell my card numbers over the phone :phone: or have the exact amount of cash available on me at all times… :moneybag:

Of course there are limits on how much I am willing to pay for that convenience. :bank: :broken_heart:

(Allie) #14

Just Eat make a killing before adding the ‘card fee’.


Yes, they make roughly 17% disregarding their card fee.

(Malcolm Barraclough) #16

It’s not just Just Eat - I had a sandwich shop in Soho charge me 50p extra when I used my Monzo card - he mumbled something when I produced it but I wasn’t paying attention. Nothing to do with Monzo or the payment processing system - added on manually at the till. Needless to say I haven’t bothered going back. Some places are still cash only or only let you use a card above a certain amount such as £5. I wonder if this will change when the new rules come in?

(Allie) #17

The new law doesn’t force anyone to take cards or eliminate minimums. Good riddance to card fees, though! There’s already one shop I’m pretty sure won’t comply and will simply ignore the new law, so I’m ready to report them to trading standards the day the law changes…

Remember, it’s worth noting surcharges already violate the Mastercard Rules and merchants with them could face enforcement action. Will the law be better obeyed? I hope so.


Heads up. Credit and debit card surcharges will be banned in the UK as of January 13th 2018. Online retailers will be affected too. Google it.


I believe Just Eat are introducing a 50p service charge to cover the banning of the 50p card charge.

Next month food delivery company Just Eat will ditch its 50p card ­surcharge to comply with the rules, but replace it with a new “service charge” for the same amount. This will apply to all orders, including those paid for by cash, meaning for the first time there will be a charge to use Just Eat.

(Allie) #20

Exactly what I predicted! They make so much from the restaurants, this is just ridiculous…

Overall, though, this will be the exception. Banning the card surcharges will benefit us overall.