Uber Subscription - Would you pay?

Looks like Uber are going to offer a subscription model… Is this something you’d pay for?

When I was in the US earlier this year, I was using Lyft more than Uber, and there was some kind of deal like this (although it wasn’t an ongoing subscription). It was something like, pay $20 upfront and get 20% off all of your rides for a month. I don’t think those were the exact figures but that was the general idea. I quickly worked out that it would save me much more than the $20 with the amount of Lyft rides I expected to take, and it definitely worked out that way… I probably saved at least $80.

Looks like the new Uber offering is only in a few US cities at the moment, but I’m reasonably sure I take enough Ubers to make it worth my while if it rolls out here!


I would definitely use this, considering I Uber almost every day.


Seen as I get a local taxi to work and back each day, I would pay for it.

My problem is that there are not many Uber drivers in my northern pennine town and Uber drivers here do not want the £5 local journeys within the town but the £20+ trips into Manchester.

Uber needs to sort that out.


Me encanta Uber. En mis viajes lo uso con frecuencia. No sabia que podias comprar esa susctipcion mensual. Si pagaria. Es un ahorro

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Si pagaria es un ahorro.

This kind of monthly fee will hopefully allow them to be able to pay drivers to be on standby available for upcoming demand.

Uber drivers don’t know your destination until they pick you up. They won’t be able to choose the bigger fares since they don’t know who is wanting one.

They could conceivably avoid an area where smaller trips are more likely I suppose.

Doesn’t Uber have a minimal flat fee to make up for small trips? If so I believe the right solution is to adjust that fee to make up for drivers’ losses if there are still any.

I think so yes. Most cabs will have this to cover costs.

But this scheme doesn’t lose the taxi drivers any money.

After being allocated a taxi, I would be regularly rang up prior to collection and asked my destination. It’s a well know tactic to avoid certain types of fares.

Like I said, I live in a northern Pennine town on the edge of the Greater Manchester Uber zone. More taxis in the centre and very few on the outskirts and the money in my neck of the woods is going into the city centre.

They do this at Heathrow Airport too. I just refuse to tell them. All but 2 have still ended up coming. If you just tell them you’re reporting them to Uber to soon stop.

I live near and they do it to me as well, I just know when an Uber number is calling they want to know where I am going so I just ignore it.

Yeah. It’s super frustrating but I just report them. Vast majority don’t but then it might be different back home in the north.

I don’t use Uber much because nowadays I find it endlessly frustrating, but I can see this being a pretty decent idea for regular users.

It makes sense for Uber power-users the way I can justify Amazon Prime.


It’s still better than most taxi services in Glasgow! Hampden used to be great but it’s awful days!

My biggest problem with Uber is the drivers like to jump offline a lot so it forces the demand up and kicks surge in



I just get so frustrated by their insistence on starting a new trip every time you want to pick someone up or drop someone off en route, and the fact that the other night I was quoted SIXTY QUID to get home :weary:


I think they’ve been trialling this in SF. I kept on getting emails about it because of my holiday over there during the summer…

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Woah!!! :open_mouth: That better be a long trip! I tend to get no more than £25-28 rides from the centre to the east…


9.8 miles - 25 minute drive :pensive:

In fairness, it was the payday weekend before halloween, but that’s an absurd surge charge!