Tymit Digital Credit Card

Credit where it’s due.
They sorted it pretty quickly :grin:

I see what you did there. :wink:


So I had to contact them to take advantage of their help during the current crisis which is to increase the terms to 36 months instead of 24 months. This was great as it was going to give me some breathing space until things start getting back to normal a bit more.

I received a message in their app after several days of requesting to be told it was all applied and would only apply to transactions in there and not future ones which was absolutely fine (and understandable) and that my May bill due on the 8th would recalculate once it was due and all was fine.

Fast forward to the 1st May, when I get a notification my May bill is due ; it was still all the same as before and the amount due was what was due previously. I messaged in app, they asked for a screenshot, I sent it over and was told not to worry, it was being looked into.

Here we are, the 9th May and I still have had no further correspondence from them. I’ve luckily been able to pay the balance this month albeit a little short elsewhere.

The lack of communication or support from their CS is really letting them down.

My suggestion would be avoid Tymit like the plague. I don’t think they mean any harm but this product is in no way ready for mainstream use and from what I can tell it is very very poorly run. I joined it because I love my monzo account and wanted a FinTech credit card to go with it with similar features such as instant notifications etc.

I’ve requested for my account to be closed now. My main concern with this company is that the app appears to be a random number generator. The total amount owed NEVER adds up to what it should be. Extra payments you make aren’t taken into account. I seem to get different amounts owed depending on which part of the app I look at.

Now the really scary thing is that when you actually contact them to get some clarity, they can’t even tell you how much money you owe! In order to find out, your request has to be escalated at which point they just look at the figure in the app and tell you that! I’ve now had to provide a breakdown of all my spending and all the payments I’ve made on each date in order to get them to recalculate what I owe. Turns out to be less than half what the app is telling me to pay!

This story has actually happened a few times now over the few months I’ve had the card. I really don’t think this company will last unless they pull their socks up pretty quickly. I must admit the concept is nice and the intention is good. But the implementation is abysmal.


Yeah this is where I am. The app is ropey as hell and the weird payment method (send a faster payment and maybe it will credit your account in a few days) is just mad for a supposedly modern fintech.

I’ve had no reason to contact support yet, but stories on here are worrying enough.

I’m going to stop using it when I’m all paid up at the end of this month. I’ll keep the account open in case they suddenly smarten up, but I just have no trust in them or their app for now.

I agree with the posts above. The app and functionality is very basic and a bit sluggish. Making repayments needs to be simpler.

I have had to contact support and the experience wasn’t great and definitely needs improving.

That said I accept that this is a beta product in its infancy and I don’t find any of the aforementioned a reason to ditch it. As the product develops I’d expect to see improvements. If they don’t come then that is the time I’d reconsider

Hm, it sounds like Tandem is still the best fintech credit card then. Shame that the “main” card with cashback is part of the paid membership now (which doesn’t add up to be worth it). But their credit card builder one is about as fintechy as it gets:

  • App based
  • Instant notifications
  • Google Pay
  • Clear statements
  • In app chat help or voice calls
  • No FX charges
  • Proper bank/credit card, with S75 protection

With all the kinks worked out by now. It’s a shame that the free cashback-less card is a credit builder one with low limits.

Do any legacy banks offer instant notifications?

It seems like Santander zero, Nationwide members card, NatWest black credit card, Barclaycard freedom rewards might be better credit card options - with free FX, Google pay, and some fees / tie up with a current account.

I guess, I’m lucky and can report back that I’ve had no issues with Tymit as of yet.

There’s things that bother me, for example after it does Face ID the app lags for about 5-10 seconds before moving forward (gets annoying) and payments that you make take about 3 days to show up.

But as far as everything else goes, 0 issues, and i really like the way repayments work, that’s sort of why I wanted a Tymit card in the first place, It’s like having ready to go financing in your pocket without having to credit check every time. I also love that they give 3 months interest free all the time on every purchase. I’ve set a few payment plans to 3 months just because i can.

I haven’t yet received my physical Tymit card yet, but agree the app looks extremely basic. Jaja are miles ahead

Not banks but Amex and Capital One/Post Office do.

If you add Amex to Google Pay, you can get Google Pay to display notifications for all Amex transactions, which is nice if you have multiple phones or don’t want to install the Amex app.

The plot thickens from my previous post. I have now been charged a late payment charge even though my balance has been paid off… all due to to the miscalculations of the app. Thought I would try and call the number on the back of my credit cart… only to find its just an answer machine which you can leave a message on! Unbelievable

Just to add, if you want to cancel, you have to send your full name, address and DOB to them.

If you do it in app, it gets emailed to you, if you don’t, they ask you to email it in.

Email isn’t secure in terms of transmission between inboxes, so surely this raises the risk of ID theft, plus why can’t they just look up your details?

I would give them a wide berth .

So I am still waiting on a response from them. Bearing in mind this was in relation to a payment due to be paid on the 7th May!

Just thought I’d update you all. I’m still waiting for this to be resolved.
In their defence, I have had a message from the Head of Customer Care to personally apologise for the issue however still no further forward for what should have been a very straight forward enquiry.

Just thought I’d still continue to keep you all in the loop.
I’ve had no further correspondence from them since the last message a week ago. Next payment is due in a weeks time too so that would now essentially be 2 months where they’ve left me struggling!!

Just got my invite, don’t think I’ll bother then :grimacing:

It is a really good card in my opinion (when things are going well)
However, what really should have been a simple enquiry has been an absolute disaster!

As an update I did finally get my balance issues sorted and my account closed. It’s a really nice idea but I don’t think it’s ready yet and I also don’t think Tymit are ready yet to make it work.

Is that not what a beta is all about though? Testing and improving?

Don’t get me wrong there are basics that should be there regardless. But it seems like everyone is expecting a polished final product. That isn’t what you get in Beta testing.

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There’s no mention on their app store page or website that this is a beta.