Tymit Digital Credit Card

Same here. I paid the bill using the banking details they gave - which I wrote down - hi-tech ! But the payment didn’t show as a credit till the end of the month!

I have signed up to Tymit on Android and this replaces my Tandem cashback card for use when AMEX isnt accepted and for international payments.

Received my card at the weekend and made my first payments on it (which is in euros) I intended for make use of the 3 months 0% plan, so will keep you updated. Only gripe so far is that the credit limit is very low and so won’t be be much use as an everyday card - especially if I have items that are on a payment plan.

It took several attempts reaching out to CS for them to finally resolve the issue.
Was a bit frustrating don’t get me wrong but they did keep reaching out to me to let me know it was still being looked into.

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I note some contributors mention low credit limits. Can any give us idea of ‘low’, in this context, please?

I’ve been given a £2,500 limit.

I was given £1500 which was too low for me

I was given a £3,500 limit.

So far I’ve used the card twice for purchases I intentionally wanted to spread over a few months.

I don’t think the card would work too well (for me) as a daily spender - the app isn’t really set up in that way - but for one off longer term purchases I like what they are doing.

For anything you buy, you can go in and select how long you want to repay it and it will show you instantly the interest and monthly payments. And you can come back and change the timeframe of your payments at any time.

Yet to test the latter bit out as a month with a purchase hasn’t rolled over yet, but I like it!

This appears to be slightly broken for me.

I have a payment that is currently split over 3 months with no interest, of which I have paid one month. The app is apparently allowing me to now change that to 24 months and not add any interest. I daren’t confirm the change to test it to be honest; it’s probably just a UI bug.

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I’ve just tried that, i’ve got the same bug, I utilised a few things on the 3 months interest free so i just tried changing a few and it does the same, like you i’m too scared to confirm

Cancelled mine, They didn’t make it clear what the limit would be before they opened the account. Big red flag.

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I had that and others reporting they could see it. Do you have dark mode on your phone?


I had that issue, wouldn’t have opened it if they showed me first

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Had my invite today (android)
All went well, signed up, went through verification, accepted… yay, or that’s what I thought.
At the end of the process, I tried to sign in to the app, and it tells me my passcode is incorrect.
(Although it accepted it as I went through verification)

Any ideas???

I’ve got this exact issue. Emailed support and they’ve escalated.
When I receive a response I’ll update here :+1:

Just received same response from support.
Hopefully we’ll both get sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve reviewed an email. They’re pushing an update to the app or play store within the next few hours :+1:

Nothing yet unfortunately

Just re-installed app (for about the 4th time today) and it’s up and running :grin: :grin: :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1:

£1500 credit limit seems a bit mean though (Although I suppose no worse than Tandem or Aqua)

I’ve just reinstalled and it’s all working now as well :+1:
Same credit limit as well. Good enough for me.

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