Two worrying app issues this month

I am a massive supported of fintech and work in software dev so I understand that bugs are normal. However, there have been two bugs I have seen lately that worry me.

Most recently, was an incorrect warning of an upcoming payment. I made a one off payment of several hundred pounds yesterday. This morning I had a push notification saying that I had a scheduled payment for the same amount coming out tomorrow and that my current balance would not cover it. I checked the app to see if I had made it a recurring payment in error, I hadn’t, there was no scheduled payment in there for anything close to this amount. CS responsded immediately (made it an urgent request) but the response was unconvincing. The advice was to reinstall the app (I already have the latest).

This advice is poor for several reasons. One, the first port of call should be to reassure the customer that there is no payment scheduled (this was done after pushing and asking if they have it on their side). Secondly, reinstalling an app may squash a bug with incorrect notifications but it doesn’t in any way help the customer to know what they can and cannot trust in the app. How will I know in the future what is genuine and what will be flushed by turning it off and on again?

The other week I went into the app and there was a phone number associated with my account that I didn’t recognise. Monzo did a lot of research into the account and said that it has always been that number on my account. I do not doubt that is what the records say but I cannot see how it was possible. Signing up required confirmation of a mobile number - this was not a number I have ever had nor one I recognise, so how was this possible? I used my current phone to sign up and even though there are two sims in it, neither of which had this mystery number. It is worryingly close to a data integrity issue which is not what you want to see. Apps not quite working correctly, fine, data magically popping in and out… not reassuring.

Has anyone else seen these issues?


I haven’t seen anything like that and use the app daily…

One thing I have noticed especially with iOS is the stability is shocking… scrolling down the feed lags and just stops… I know Monzo are looking into that but as for what you are seeing, I haven’t seen that :frowning:

Oh yeah I have that too, started the other week whilst I was on holiday, thought it might be due to bad mobile data speeds but it’s the same since I came back and used 4g and WiFi.

I think, but I’m not positive that whilst it’s lagging there’s a spinner in the bar at the top showing data activity.

Have you added your card to Google pay (poss apple pay also)? Because they send you a text with an Auth code, if you have added it maybe check the text with the code and see if it went to your real number, then you can go back to monzo with that.