tvOS 13

tvOS 13 going on now, anyone else on it?

Errr something wrong here :eyes:

Xbox One controller support is game changing and works great from what I played last night. I no longer have to buy MFi controllers.

Multi-account support is pretty great too, even if it currently only works for Apple Music and TV.

I worked it out after bricking my AppleTV :rofl:

This is where I bricked my Apple TV trying to restore it via USB cable in High Sierra with the tvOS 13 restore image.

I had to restore through Apple Configurator and the USB cable and it installed tvOS 12.3 automatically. I then reinstall the tvOS 13 profile. Here is where I also worked out how to take screenshots on tvOS.

Get Beta update needs to be off or you will get tvOS 12.4…

It has updated! Therefore either having Beta Updates off or being on tvOS 12.3 with it off allowed the beta profile to work. I turned it on again after the update.

Now I have this working, I’m eager to try it out. I have to admit my AppleTV has gathered a little dust recently so this may change my opinion.

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Wicked will turn off updates and try again later

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Now updating to tvOS13

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How did you add the controller?

Add it under the Bluetooth remotes and devices menu of the Settings app. You’ll need to hold the Xbox button and sync (if it doesn’t work, make sure your controller supports Bluetooth, only more recent ones do).

My controller isn’t bluetooth :crying_cat_face: