NowTv on Apple TV

Anyone else suffering through this horrible app on the Apple TV? You will be pleased to know it looks like they are finally updating it!

I am apparently on a TestFlight list to test the first version, though they said late August and it’s now late September. Here’s hoping it brings the features over from the iPhone apps.


How did u get on the list?

I got the link from here:

I guess they are full as all I get is this when I click on the link in the thread. Others at the end of the thread complain about it too.

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Yeah same error here

Try this one. It was the second link from a second email.

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Can’t watch NowTV on a laptop easily anymore which annoyed me.

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Can’t you download it from the Microsoft store?

I’d rather not have to download an app to use a streaming service. 🤷 Defeats accessibility imo


I cancelled Now TV about a year ago due to the awful Apple TV app. If an updated version comes out I will probably sign up again.

Hopefully the beta starts soon!

Also looking forward to the All 4 app. They’re certainly taking their time building it though.

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Whilst I don’t have an Apple TV I am wondering what could be so bad about the app?

All I do when I interact with the app (on iPad or Roku) is search for or browse for a show or movie and then use the playback controls (typically only play and pause). With TV/Movie streaming apps I wonder what else is needed?

The app is fine, but it has bugs.

When you finish an episode it goes to a black screen and not back to the episode list. It has no play next episode, no watch list and generally no nice way to browse content.


It has no history. So you cannot look for My TV. And when you back out of a show it goes to a blank screen, back out again and you are at the main menu and have to go back in. And search is terrible.


It’s just not logical at all. And is a port from the original Apple TV when there was no App Store. I believe it’s actually maintained by apple to keep it working with new OS versions rather than Sky.

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The Now TV Apple TV app has never been updated. It’s on version 1.0, which itself was a direct port of the old Apple TV app. (i.e. from before the 2015 Apple TV came out with an App Store).
It is the worst TV streaming app out there. It has no modern features.
I could buy a Now TV box and plug it into my TV, but i am trying to simplify things not make them more complicated.

Yep been waiting since 2015 for an All 4 Apple TV app too :slightly_frowning_face:.

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Thing is the iOS app is great both on the iPhone and iPad. They could easily stretch the same UI to the Apple TV and have one app cover all 3 devices.

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I know that’s what makes it bizarre, the iOS app is actually not bad!
If Now TV allowed AirPlay from the iOS app it would have helped matters too.

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I hate the limit on four registered devices; I can understand a cap on how many people can stream but this is just annoying!

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