TV with built in HDMI Switching?

I’ve not bought a new TV for about 10 years. Have a Samsung LCD that does the job.

However it’s starting to show its wear and tear, marks on the screen etc so, with the PS5 calling my name next year I thought I’d have a look at the market.

I’m presuming I’m going 4K.

Now, I don’t care about the model, size wise I’m not looking for a behemoth (I think my current one is 42" maybe? which is fine), but what I really REALLY want is one that has built in HDMI switching so I can connect my Apple TV, my PS4, and our Virgin Media box to it and not have to have a second box sitting around.

Anyone heard of such a thing, because googling just brings up multiple ideas of which is the best add-on switcher device… and any ‘best 4K’ review lists are full of specs that, ultimately I have a sense of but in reality I don’t give a … about because I’m not after the best of the best here.

But what I DO want is convenience. Specs be damned. Why can’t I find one with a built in HDMI switching capability and at least 3 or 4 HDMI ports? If there is such a marketplace for switching devices as additional purchases, surely someone offers it built into the TV?

Bonus points if you get one that doesn’t bog me down in ‘smarts’ I just need a screen!

Yours, frustratedly googling of Glasgow.

I’m confused or maybe just not read it correctly, if say you get a TV with 4 HDMI ports on why do you then want a switch an all.

Most TVs now have at least 4 HDMI ports and support CEC.
This means the TV can switch to the right input automatically and HDMI devices can even turn the TV on or off.
I think this is what you’re asking for?


That’s exactly what most do the switch bit confused me :rofl:

Many TVs will auto-switch based on the input. My TV isn’t 4K or anything fancy but when I switch on the PS4 it does switch to that source automatically, and back again when the PS4 is shut down.

Edit: Also what @robsug has said.

Ideally you just want a TV with lots of HDMI sockets, which is painful enough once you start plugging things in.

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OK, thanks all. My TV has 3 HDMI sockets but doesn’t switch!

So I’ll look for CEC when I’m buying - sorry for the confusing post but I have been confused (it’s been a while)


Here’s a good overview of it :+1:

Edit - as @DaveJ says, most TVs should now have this

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To be fair so long as it’s got the latest HDMI standards it will switch, it should mention on most descriptions an all

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Some of my devices do this but not others :man_shrugging:t3:

Just got an 4K LG 42” - £400 John Lewis. Brilliant TV. R-

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I doubt you’d see CEC listed as a feature on most TVs - I think it’s pretty much a given now?

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Yes, as per that article above, all new TVs have it but will call it something different just to annoy you.

It’s in the same family of stuff that allows the TV to send remote control commands back down the HDMI to the device so for example you can use your TV remote to press up down left right ok pause and have that sent to your PlayStation so you don’t have to use a joypad to control bluray menus or playback.

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I’m glad to hear that you’re not going to shop purely on size as most people do believing that bigger is better because it really isn’t.

After you’ve covered your CEC requirements, have a quick read up on what makes a good picture quality and compare a few models based on these :slight_smile:

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This remote-based feature is very useful but not everything implements it, annoyingly, it depends on what boxes you are using.

It’s also worth saying that there is often a priority system to the switching depending on which HDMI port you plug things into. I think HDMI 1 is the “most important” input usually.

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My TV doesn’t auto switch to Apple TV but does switch back and forth for PlayStation.

Make sure the TV supports at least HDCP 2.2 especially for PS5 :wink:


Yup I’m doing ALL the reading. Given our room size, and that I’m not really one for the biggest/latest it’ll likely be a good compromise. Samsung RU8000 leading the way at the moment…


Thanks everyone for the info, like I said, been a while since I bought a new TV and I guess I’ve ‘missed’ the time when switching etc was a ‘feature’ as it’s now just standard. Live and learn!

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Looks to be a very decent TV. The trouble is I need 4K HDR eyesight! R-

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Get Logitech harmony and never worry about this issue again.

Expensive but it’s worth every single penny.

Excellent. And it’ll do everything I need, turn devices on and off, switch to the correct input and more?