Alexa Enabled TV?

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I am in the process of looking for a new TV as I am upgrading to Sky Q and therefore “need” a new TV in order to enjoy the benefits of 4K resolution.

I have seen a few TV’s that are Alexa Enabled and I currently use Alexa to control the heating and lights in the house. However, I wondered how good the functionality is with a TV, for example can she change channels on Sky Q or is it just simply that she can turn the TV on and off on request?

Any thoughts/feedback/recommendations greatly appreciated :grin:

I was looking at these

But then remembered that my Alexa which is near my TV has difficulty hearing when the TV is on so I have no idea how these would work.

Best getting a separate Alexa

As for changing channels, mine does but I use it alongside a Harmony Hub and tbh it’s faster to just type the channel, it is good for pausing and playing though.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to find an Alexa-enabled TV. My main criteria would be picture quality.

I’ve had my eye on the Sony KD-65A1 for a while, but that appears to have been discontinued now - despite the replacement model not yet being available - and the number of retailers stocking it is slowly dwindling.

I actually found myself looking at TVs again last night to see what the alternatives were to the Sony, and the best option seems to be the LG 65C8.

Both of these are OLED TVs as that technology is the most important thing to me at the moment.

No idea if either are Alexa-enabled as I’ve not even looked for that. But if they weren’t, and that was important, you could always get a Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote, no?

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I’m also looking for a new TV, but will wait for Black Friday.


Maybe you speak into the remote, like Apple TV?

Yeah just had a quick look on YouTube and you do use the remote

Omen must stay strong for all purchases!!! Very hard lol

AF8 and AF9 are the replacement models… I think… (90% sure).

I was also looking at the A1.

They’re not. I thought so at first too, but they’re the ‘variant’ models (for want of a better word) - based on the A1 but with a few things tweaked or changed to result in a lower RRP.

The true replacement for the A1 (the A2?) will be coming next year, I guess.

If you look up some reviews for the AFx models you should find a bit more information on how they’re not quite as good as the A1 and how they fit into the Sony model hierarchy.

Had another look at reviews again, and it looks like I was wrong above.

It would appear that the AF8 is the equivalent to the A1 but with a few tweaks and cheaper, while the AF9 is the improved model. And the AF9 in particular comes with an, uh, improved price tag.

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No worries, interestingly John Lewis just got another batch of KD-55A1 and 77 version… keep an eye out they might get the 65 again!

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