PS4 Cloud Remote

OK, this looks awesome.

Since my Nexus Player died, my PS4 has been my main media playback device. By that I mean… Netflix, Plex, and sometimes Twitch. But controlling it with the PS4 controller has always just felt wrong to me. Plus I’ve still had to use the TV remote for volume.

Definitely gonna pick this up!

Currently my Virgin Media TiVo remote controls my tv on/off and volume. Does anyone technical-minded know if this will be bumped off if I also programme this PS4 remote to do the same, or can they both work?

My Samsung TV remote controls my PS4. Not sure how I ever set it up though (sorry!). Back when I had a PS3, the media remote was great though, and I have been crying out for something similar for the 4.

HDMI passthru. Ours randomly switches the Xbox on. Pita!

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Should be fine :+1: That majority of TV remotes work by sending codes or signals using infrared light to your TV, and its the remote’s responsibility to send the correct signals or codes that correspond to the TV make & model. The TV doesn’t mind, care, or remember what device sends the signals. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Didn’t know if there was only ‘space’ for one imposter remote, but you’ve answered that.

I look forward to the “Dark Souls beaten on PS4 Cloud Remote” video

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Ah yeah that’s the one. I change the input to the PS4 and on it comes.