Amazon Alexa

Have a little irritating problem I can’t seem to find an answer to.

I’ve just bought a couple of echo dots as well as a couple of firesticks.

The fire stick remote is the only remote I use for the main tv. But I’m struggling to make switching inputs easy.

Currently my inputs are:
HDMI 1 - Firestick
HDMI 2 - Xbox
HDMI 3 - Laptop

I’ve linked my LG smart tv to Alexa, so it understands when I say “Alexa, switch TV input to HDMI 1/2/3” but doesn’t understand “Alexa, switch to Xbox/ Laptop” which is easier and clearer phrase to understand for everyone.

Is there a way for an exact command to be executed with a custom phrase? NOT a routine.

I just want to be able to say “Alexa, switch to “ rather than teaching the household which inputs are plugged into which hdmi port.

1st world problem.

I know it’s doable through a silly workaround as I’ve tested it. Using 2 echos next to each other, creating a routine with a custom trigger phrase, which then gets Alexa to reply with a custom answer/ phrase to the echo next to it. But it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Routines is what I use

Routines won’t work… Options for LG tv’s in the Alexa app only give on/off options in routines.

Can you rename the HDMI inputs on the television device?

I’ve done that on my Sony. Google Home recognises those.

It won’t work with any custom names that you call the inputs.

If you go with the default “game console” it will switch using the phrase “switch tv input to game console”.

But it won’t work with the other 2 default names, PC (rather than laptop) and streaming box (rather than firestick).

It would be so much easier if there was an input switching button on the remote :weary:

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For the Xbox there is an Alexa skill which works.

Example I say Alexa turn on Xbox and play fifa it turns TV and soundbar on, Xbox on and then finally opens FIFA on the Xbox.