TV Shows!

(Jake Tame) #170

Thanks will give it a try.

(Simon) #171

The Orville, better than Star Trek :joy:

(Eve) #172

I didn’t like Parks & Rec much until about season 3 when the story got going (same for The Office US). In one episode I was holding back literal tears of laughter at 4am in the morning. I have only just realised the new season of Frankie & Grace (or was it Grace & Frankie) was out a month ago, and I’ve started watching it today. I recommend it, it’s about two women who find out that their husbands are gay and dating each other.


The Orville is fantastic. I’m also absolutely loving the last few episodes of Star Trek though. I like both!

(Tony Hoyle) #176

The good place is a guilty pleasure. It looks like it should be rubbish, based on the premise, but the writing makes up for it and it’s genuinely good to watch.

(Simon B) #177

Yeah, I mean, I’m getting through about 2 seasons a month at current pace, almost at the end of Season 4 right now.

It would be nice to watch the final season in real time, so I’ll try and keep up the pace!

(Frank) #178

Just finished watching Altered Carbon and it really good.

Also watching Star Trek Discovery.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #179

I’m starting Altered Carbon in a minute.


I just started The Magicians, I’m interested to see where it goes.

(Simon B) #181

“Everything Sucks!” on Netflix is great. Set in Boring, Oregon (near where I used to live!) in the mid 90’s… Nailing the vibe on both counts!

(Tom ) #182

Highly recommend Dark on Netflix. It’s a German language mystery based in a small town where kids randomly disappear. And don’t watch the dubbed version - watch the version with subtitles.

(Eve) #183

I’ve seen the locker room scene spread on Instagram a lot for some reason (It’s repeatedly coming up on my explore page on meme repost accounts). I’ve already bookmarked it to watch next week :+1:t3:

(James Amey) #184

I found myself recently starting It’s Always Sunny and find myself having to stop every 5 or so episodes due to the sheer narcissism of the characters.

It’s absolutely hilarious though.

(Simon B) #185

You will love it. It’s really good.

I was actually already familiar with the lead actor because he played a young Ralph Tresvant (lead singer of the band New Edition) in the BET series they made about the story of the band last year (also starred Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things as his bandmate Ricky Bell).

Pretty bizarre to me to see a show set in Boring, Oregon, when I used to live right by there and it’s a really tiny town!

(Eve) #186

I can’t believe I missed that the first time I read it. I love that a tiny town is named “Boring” :joy: apt!

Edit: Though, I think tiny towns are where mysteries happen… I recently started watching Buzzfeed Unsolved again because I love how it is filmed and edited, and how the banter between Shane and Ryan eases the tension/ any fear you have if you are completely pants at horror/ thriller.

Not a TV show, but I really recommend the series on YouTube. It’s one of the remaining things I follow on Buzzfeed’s YT page. My personal favourites are the crime ones where they sit and discuss it rather than going out to a haunted place. I like the Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez and a lot of the earlier ones for this reason.

(Jack Donovan) #187

One that everybody needs to watch. I’ll just put this video here (it’s fan made)

Warning: Violent and a lot of swearing

(Andre Borie) #188

Warning: Violent and a lot of swearing

Wonderful, just what I love :heart_eyes::joy:

(Jack Donovan) #189

It’s a series on BBC.

But I’m not going to lie, I thought I better put that warning… I was half expecting to get warned and told to remove the post or something lol :joy:

Edit: did you watch it? Seriously… The series is epic, if you like that sort of thing.

(Brenda Wong) #190

I love Buzzfeed Unsolved! All the wheezing :joy: Do you listen to podcasts about true crime/the supernatural?

(Jack) #191

Same here, their both really entertaining to watch. The older series are on Amazon Prime now as well.