TV Shows!

(Brenda Wong) #192

For real? Those boys are hitting the big time.

(Jack) #193

They are indeed, one day the Ghouligans will be megastars! :laughing:

(Brenda Wong) #194

Hey folks! My most recent binge watch was the entire series of the Queer Eye reboot. I cried, I laughed, and gosh darn it if it isn’t the most heartwarming thing on television right now. :heart:

(Eve) #195

I listened to Serial and Astonishing Legends but I can’t really get into podcasts tbh. Prefer a good book! I can’t concentrate on audiobooks and it frustrates me that I can’t read it as quickly. The case fascinates me though (Serial). I think he’s guilty.

(Jack Donovan) #196

I can’t believe nobody have replied or favorited my post, have none of you seen the peaky blinders?

Are Londoners too soft? :yum:

(Andre Borie) #197

I checked it out yesterday and it seems interesting so it’s on my todo list. :+1:t2:

(Jack Donovan) #198

You will not regret it mate. It’s a brilliant series, well 3 series so far

(Simon B) #199

I see enough of Birmingham in my daily life, being as I live here.

Still, I’m sure it’s good - and my friend Tom Hardy is in it so maybe I’ll check it out :grinning:

(Jack Donovan) #200


I tried Peaky Blinders and couldn’t get into it :frowning: I’m gonna try again at some point.

I’m watching Gossip Girl right now :joy:

I’m usually watching a series and then catching up with others as episodes come out.

(Jack Donovan) #202

I won’t lie, I haven’t tried Gossip Girl :yum: although I think my girlfriend might like that?

Peaky Blinders 100% isn’t for everybody. But it’s definitely the best British drama I have ever seen, but it’s right up my alley. :rofl:

I never watch a series from week to week I wait for it all to be over. Waiting a week would do my head in!

(Simon B) #203

Has anyone watched Season 2 of Jessica Jones yet?

(Brenda Wong) #204

I only have the finale left! I have mixed feelings about it, but Krysten Ritter is still absolutely phenomenal in the role. What do you think about it?

( #205

I’m one episode in. So far so good. Couldn’t help but laugh at the dude whizzing around though. Just looked stupid.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #206

(Ben Green) #207

I’ve very recently discovered Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. Loving it so far but only 5 episodes into the first season.

( #208

Billions and Silicon Valley are back. Good times people.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #209

+1 for Billions


I am impatiently waiting for Better Call Saul to come back for Season 4

(Adam Kendrew) #211

I remember watching the first few episodes of series one and couldn’t get into it. Is it worth another try?