TV Shows!

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I’ve always fancied giving the books a go. Will have to keep an eye out for that, didn’t know there was a TV adaptation.

I’ve watched all of Maigret over Christmas (only four episodes). I can see why ITV aren’t making any more, but Rowan Atkinson’s performances have been really enjoyable to watch.

I might give The ABC Murders a watch soon. I’m bitter that Stanley Tucci isn’t playing Poirot (I think he would have been great in the role), although I’ve heard good things about John Malkovich’s efforts.

Looking forward to season three of True Detective also - that starts up sometime in January :slight_smile:

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(Dawid) #375

I recently watched Z: The Beginning of Everything - too bad it wasn’t picked up for another season!

(Tony Hoyle) #376

Just finished watching A Korean Odyssey. Bad cgi and quite variable acting, but the story is great and makes up for it.

It’s about 24 hours long so probably a bit long for a binge watch…

(Yen Pham) #377

You definitely should on both counts! I love the Ferrante books, and although it was a bit strange at first to see a world that I’ve spent so much time in inside my mind exteriorised in such a concrete way, I’ve grown to really appreciate the TV series as well.

For whatever reason though I tend to actually go for pretty lighthearted fare when I’m watching TV. I just started American Vandal which I thought was very silly and very good. It’s a really well done satire of the conventions of the true crime documentary.


RuPauls drag race :rofl::princess:

This thread reminded me about maniac though …

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Punisher Season 2 January 18


Funk yeah ninja!

(vinh) #381

i also a fan silicon Valley season 4 :smiley:

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Very weird

(Richard) #383

You on Netflix looks intense after the first episode!!

Also caught up on the Good Place and Peaky Blinders after starting just before Christmas.

However I am really looking forward to the following new seasons coming:

  • Game of Thrones!!!

  • Stranger Things

  • Peaky Blinders


‘You’ kinda had potential in the first few episodes but just over halfway through I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes, cringing and face palming. I haven’t watched the last episode yet and don’t really know if I will. :thinking:

I really need to watch The Good Place…


Sweet! I really enjoyed the podcast about that.

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I’m on Ep5, it’s not bad.


Just finishing off series 2 of runaways.
Might wait until the whole series has aired and then watch it. Actually, probably will. Future Man is back tomorrow I think.

(Dan) #388

Friday is going to be a good day if you’re a fan of these shows :tv:

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There’s 13 seasons of Criminal Minds on Amazon Prime :slight_smile:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #392

What type?

Fleabag for drama (second season out next week and its on iPlayer)
Catastrophe for comedy
Expanse for Sci-fi…??

or finally get into one of the ‘big’ ones you’ve never seen? (Breaking Bad, The Wire, etc etc)??