TV Shows!

(Simon B) #353

My cousin is obsessed with that show haha. I should check it out. Looks like I’ll have lots to watch soon with new Doctor Who, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Riverdale and the new Sabrina show starting…

(Phil) #354

I guess it is the season for new shows.
The Good Place is one of the better 22min comedies of the last few years.

Fun fact: my late great uncle invented the TARDIS/wrote the first episodes of Doctor Who.

(I charge for appearances)

(Edward Robert) #355

Sky Atlantic started showing Flight of the Conchords again this week. Anyone else a fan?

(Andy) #356

Greys anatomy is back too for season 15 :tada:


Just finished the bodyguard …

Gogglebox was on TV last night while I was on break and basically fucking ruined the last episode. So pissed, and glad i watched it yesterday afternoon. Would be fuming if I hadn’t. They basically gave away the whole plot of the last episode.

I’ve been watching the circle :see_no_evil:


Succession. Think it’s on NowTV


Also quite like what my in-laws are like. If they had mega money, and a global media business… but the sibling rivalry is still there…

( #359

Succession was a good watch. Really enjoyed


Can you advise the time and channel that making a murderer is on? @RossA

(Andy) #361

October 19th on Netflix

(Matt C) #362

This has been a loooooooong time coming. Can’t wait!

(Glenn Lewis) #363

That show is messing with my head. I still haven’t got over the scene with the doctor and that contraption over his groin … :open_mouth:

Got 4 eps left!

(Lebert) #364

Thanks for the reminder Will get on this at the weekend.

(Andy) #365

Season 2 of Big Mouth kicked off in Netflix. It’s just as good as season 1!


I think I enjoyed Maniac. I feel like it could have been a whole lot shorter though. It did however keep grabbing my attention everytime I was considering turning it off. The weird almost slapstick humour made it feel less pretentious which was great.

I keeping hearing good things about The Good Place. I watched the first two episodes a while back and although some of it was pretty funny it was almost too silly. I hear it gets better so I might give it another go.


The Good Place gets better - it’s difficult to say more because spoilers!

Not sure about Season 3 yet, though…

(Marc Dando) #368

Anyone watched/watching The Haunting of Hill House? Near perfect television experience for me.


We thought this looked very good. Definitely going to try and get into it this wk

( #370

Finally got round to watching the Inside No. 9 lube special. Fantastic.


Making my way through season 2 of angel

(Yen Pham) #372

A few from me:

I’ve been watching the HBO adaptation of My Brilliant Friend – anyone else been following it?

I also had a long flight recently and was able to catch up on some episodes of Bob’s Burgers that I’d never seen before – it’s one of my favourites!

Also, I can’t believe no one seems to have mentioned Bojack Horseman on this thread already! The most recent season was amazing, I thought.