TV Shows!

(Lebert) #332

Bodyguard, great show.

(Kim L.) #333

Awesome! Which episode/season are you on? And do you have a favorite episode? I know we all have one :innocent: haha


I am binging Ozark S2 this weekend and going to wait for Better Call Saul to finish before I start it’s 4th season.


Legion? Any good?

(Andy) #336

Oh I love it so much. I’m currently on Monica and Chandlers wedding. I love all the episodes leading up to this point! Where are you?

(Kim L.) #338

Me too! :heart:️ I only just started rewatching all of it, so I’m on Season 1, Episode 8. I just love how super 90s all of their outfits are in the first season.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #339

Watching Ozark S02E07 right now then gonna move on Jack Ryan till Bodyguard is on

(Simon B) #340

Just finished Arrested Development - the remixed Season 4. The original edit of Season 4 was completely unwatchable for me so I’m glad they re-cut it.

Moving on to Season 5 soon!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #341


I can see why!!! :smiley: That was intense :open_mouth:


Anyone watched Maniac?! :flushed:

(Andy) #343

Not yet is it good? I’m binging jack ryan this now and modern family started back this week :raised_hands:t2:

( #344

Maniac and Jack Ryan are on my list.

New South Park is out and I forgot to sync it to my iPad. Fool!


Erm… It’s interesting! :joy: Without saying too much, imagine The Truman Show & Inception had a child and The Matrix was the babysitter!

Worth a watch but not sure what to think!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #346

Modern Family was out last night, I have it :eyes:

(Andy) #347

Yes I watched it too :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #348

The new season of Modern Family? I’m halfway through Season 9.


Anyone watching “Maniac” on Netflix
It’s a mini series. But slow but I quite like this. Watched only 2 episodes last night.

(Richard) #350

Watched the first episode… so far so good…

Haven’t watched Jack Ryan yet… Also a new season of making a murderer coming soon!

(Andy) #351

Season 10 started in US on Wednesday. Lilly is more sassy than ever and Luke is just more Luke than ever!

(Phil) #352

The Good Place s03 started yesterday!
I look forward to watching the first two episodes this evening.