Turkish Airlines delaying COVID-19 refund

I was due to fly on Turkish Airlines when the flight bans started (Doha to Amsterdam). They agreed to refund my ticket and said it would take 4 weeks and that I would have to collect cash in person (which is dangerous, given the social distancing rules - and annoying, since I booked online using my card).

Four weeka later and they now say they will not process it until the flight bans are lifted, and at that point it will take another 60 days.


Might be worth looking into a Chargeback request.

Sounds wrong to me.


Did you book directly through their website?

Yes I did @don_quixote

tl;dr, yes they should refund you quickly, but it’s understandable why they’re delaying (and they’re no different from most other airlines in that respect - better actually, as it would appear they are offering an eventual refund and not a voucher)

I would agree if Easyjet hadn’t paid out the £175million dividend on 23rd March (?), having then secured a £600million loan from the treasury - it just appears to be taking consumers as mugs :rage:


I am having a similar issue with RyanAir, they have also said they will pay out post COVID.

It is things like paying dividends that just makes getting a loan like that borderline wrong

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Very wrong. But easyJet is paying refunds pretty well (and you can apply on their website) from what I understand.

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Easyjet Flight cancelled March 23rd , I applied for refund March 26th , still waiting , the airplane isn’t flying , what’s to discuss , if you ring , no answer …ends up saying all can be sorted out online , goodbye

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To be honest, I don’t mind them trying it on with a voucher, as long as they make it easy to say “No, I want a refund.”

I do think they should be a bit more imaginative, though. They could;d offer a voucher to the value of 150%, for example. Anyone who takes a voucher is taking a risk that the business will still be there when they come to use it. A reasonable recompense for that risk seems to be fair to me.


Yeah that’s a very good point. Qatar Airways is offering 110% of the ticket price if you accept a voucher. And to be fair to Turkish, they’re offering miles (at a pretty good rate) instead of cash, if that’s your thing.

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I had a load of cancelled flights in February which I still haven’t had actual refunds for. I last week did started the chargeback process (not with Monzo) and was refunded instantly.

I wouldn’t want to be left out of pocket when these online travel agents inevitably start to go bust because of the lack of travel. It got to the point where I wasn’t getting any response via email or phone.

Wizz Air also offering 120% if you take the refund as credit.
It’s also valid for 2 years, which is better than many other airlines are offering.

But then you don’t know if the airlines are going to make ticket prices more expensive to recoup their losses when this is all over. It seems unwise to accept the voucher no matter how sympathetic you’re feeling.

Plus if lots of airlines know they have vouchers out they won’t be losing any money on it. People will have all of these vouchers and ‘won’t mind’ paying a bit more on top.

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I agree. I wouldn’t take the voucher - who knows how many airlines are going to survive this situation.

Airlines are not charities. For example: Qatar Airways is doing an important service by bringing people home - but at a huge price. But of course they would, they’re a profit-motivated business. I wouldn’t expect them to behave any differently - they’re one of the last long haul airlines still flying.

And just because I don’t expect airlines to operate out of the goodness of their hearts, I’m not going to feel “sympathy” for companies that treat desperate customers like that in situations like this.

And you can know what the answer will be when you ask them to bend the rules slightly with the voucher that you accepted out of kindness.

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My easyJet flights were cancelled. This was before they started trying to offer vouchers, so it was easy for me to choose refund option online instead of changing the flights to new dates.

I got an email from them confirming the refund was being processed and to allow 7 days for the money to be returned to my credit card. This didn’t happen, and it wasn’t possible to get in touch with easyJet, so 3 weeks after receiving the email confirming the refund, I contacted Amex and they initiated a chargeback and credited me instantly.

Started a chargeback with Monzo, was very easy to do as I had not got a response at all in weeks and the first email they sent said 7 days

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Sick of waiting for EasyJet so did a chargeback through AMEX,

Have Monzo given you the money back?

Hi @urban

I’m very sorry about your experience with Turkish Airlines. They are notorious when it comes to refund and general customer service. I had two recent similar experiences with them (Mar 2020).

a) For some refund, they had planned to make me run pillar to post. I dug my heels in and raised what they call ‘feedback’ on their website. After a couple of days, they responded with some non-sense of issuing me some voucher for TK inflight services. I refused that voucher subsequent to which they generated some electronic money code. I had to email that code to TK London refunds inbox, who then asked for UK bank account and underlying identity documents (blatant disregard of GDPR). I tried reasoning with them about disregard of GDPR – but alas, one just can not reason with Turkish Airlines. They refused to recognise Revolut as a ‘bank’ for refund. I had to provide them with another high street bank account details. Refund was processed in 3 days after two emails every day.

b) Another refund was for a flight that I had to cancel because of Covid19. I lost £150 on that flight but the balance (which was not insignificant) was refunded automatically in 3 business days.

I hope you get your refund. All the very best.