Flight cancelled /refund

Hi guys. British Airways has cancelled my flight (it was booked in February), they offer me voucher or change the flight. I want the cash but I cannot chargeback because I closed my credit card last week, what are my options? I also have insurance but they say I should try my credit card first :man_shrugging:

You can still claim on a credit card that has been closed.


You need to phone British Airways. I’ve had a few cancelled flights refunded by them.

Once you speak to them they’ll process a refund and I’ve found it takes about 10 days to get your money back.

Ask British Airways if they can credit the refund to a different account, if they can’t you should ask your credit card provider what will happen to refunds processed to your account because they might be able to return the money to you.

Whatever you do though DO NOT COMPLETE THE VOUCHER APPLICATION. If you do then you won’t get your money back.


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