Due to covid TUI cancelled my flight, I booked my suitcase directly through their website and got my £70 refund from them, I booked my ticket through Opodo and TUI sent me a email saying they have refunded my £656 to Opodo , I Haven’t gotten my refund from Opodo, they told me it would take 10 working days ,this was from the 14th May, Tried to call Opodo their phone line has been disconnected, I filed a chargeback through Monzo , how long does it take to get my money back?

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Hi @Sherece25 welcome to the community.

From within the app you can access a range of help articles. A search of “chargeback” brings up the following article:

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Thank you

For an amount like that a credit card would have been safer as you could have got a chargeback under section 75.

Accordng to this the airline should have paid you directly.

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