TSB fraud issues

Anyone had issues transferring from TSB to Monzo recently? Had a friend try to make a transaction to me through the Internet bank and they locked his entire bank account because of fraud, after spending hours on the phone he was told that it was because Monzo is a “hotbed of fraudulent transactions”

Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues.

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No issues transferring between the two accounts I have, but haven’t been doing is as much in the last few weeks

Sorry, but there’s not a chance any of this is true.


Thanks for your insight, I was just wondering if they’re even allowed to block a transaction based on the bank.

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Was it by any chance money owed to you that this person didn’t want to pay back?

Monzo is a fully regulated bank with over 4 million customers. They won’t block every transfer that involves Monzo.

There’s definitely more to the story.

It was money owed to me but he wanted to pay it back ASAP. I have a feeling it was an uninformed CS agent rather than a policy

Unless it was a very large amount that they didn’t think he had the rights to, or suspected fraud based on him, which is probably more likely, where the money is going doesn’t really matter if it’s Monzo or HSBC or anywhere else.

Thing is, banks legally aren’t allowed to give a reason for locking someone’s account.

Your ‘friend’ is lying if they claim TSB gave a reason.

(Apart from the obvious fact that no customer service rep of any bank would make such an unsubstantiated claim of another UK regulated bank.)

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I have a TSB account which I moved to Monzo from.
I only use this now to pay in cheques, where once was some inheritance money which I attempted to transfer over, and the transfer was blocked due to it being a higher amount than usual to Monzo. Had to speak to their fraud team who asked me at the time what it was for, why transferring and they did make reference to it being to a monzo account also.
Once I told them the answers, it was my monry going to my account it got authorised.
No issues since

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