Problems transferring money to Monzo

So yesterday I used my Santander current account to send some money to Monzo.

I sent the money, and got a confirmation message to say it had been sent, went to bed and then on my break at work this morning, I opened Monzo, and the money wasn’t in my account.

I opened my Santander app and it said I had been blocked (or something along those lines) and I now needed to call them and confirm some details.

I immediately called, and then spent the next hour answering all sorts of questions and being transferred from a customer service agent, to fraud team, to security team and then another fraud agent because I couldn’t remember how much I spent at a specific shop to the penny. Of course I couldn’t get into the app to look, so they kept giving me the runaround (rightly so).

When I got the info they needed and answered a lot of questions, I asked why they had blocked the transfer thinking it may be the sum I had sent, the agent said “it would be the fact that we have no idea what Monzo is”.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen?

I have loved Monzo from the start, but now I’ve begun using it a lot more, all I keep seeming to come up against is problems.




This sort of thing happens with all banks, usually when you setup and use new bank details to transfer money out your account. It is Santander’s security facility and nothing much to worry about.

I had similar experience with TSB when I setup a standing order to a saving account.

It usually will only happen once unless there is something that appears out of the ordinary like a larger than normal transfer, but the banks use intelligent systems to understand customer behaviours


I know, right!

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Fraud detection is just one of these things, it’s there to protect us from the volume of fraud that the industry sees these days. I doubt it tripped because it was Monzo and more an unusual transaction on your account. Do you often do transfers? Unusually high amount anything like that? I’m surprised Santander still make you phone up. Most banks now just send an sms asking if you attempted payment or have an automated system phone you

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I transfer quite a lot, and sums higher than the Monzo one.

I’ve had the sms once, but nothing like this, where they block me and get me to call them.

None of these people had a clue what Monzo is, and I had to do a lot of explaining.

Possibly the fast growing U.K. bank is the answer

Banks are getting lots of bad press for scams where people transfer to fraud accounts, it’s made them more cautious


I can’t think of a reason as to why this would happen. I use Santander to transfer money to Monzo on a regular basis, and have never encountered this issuesounds like Santander madness.

That is a flippant and, frankly, rude response. There is no way on earth that fraud departments have not heard of Monzo. It’s the fastest growing bank currently, and it’s their job to know. Idiots.


To be fair we have no idea if it was a specialist fraud handler dealing with it or standard front line customer service agent who went off script

As someone who works in the finance industry. We all know about the fintech industry. And Monzo being a key player they know about it. That particular agent might now know but Santander will know


100% this! As someone who also works in the industry I completely agree

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I had this issue with Barclays. Added Monzo as a payee, tried to transfer a large amount. Said it worked. Then about 6 hours later the app was blocked and I had to call them and got told it was flagged for fraud. Spent 40 minutes answering a million questions about recent transactions then I had to try again for it to work.

He said he was in the security department

Yes this is it exactly. Fraud department, security department and customer service department. Spoke with all of these.

Those questions!

…and the guy in security department even asked me (after I told him what Monzo is) why I was transferring money.

This is pretty standard for AML compliance


I also use Santander but I haven’t ever had any issues with transfers, except when the payments intermediary had a problem a couple of months ago. Santander weren’t very helpful (Monzo were) but they knew who Monzo were

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I would honestly fail the questions for specific transaction amounts. :no_mouth: I guess I could check my email for online ones. I don’t get why they would ask you that anyway, you’ve obviously accessed the account - any decent hacker/fraudster would make a note of them.

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It has a UK sort code, account number, payee name and accepts money. Surely there are a limited number of things it can be?