My account wasn't closed

So I had a large payment come from an unknown source, (unknown to Monzo, known to me).

My accounts still in place and not been closed. 🤷

Who knew if you just operate your own bank account as your own and do nothing dodgy then you’ve nothing to worry about.

To be fair I was a bit like oh no here we go. Is it going to get closed, after all the horror stories you read, even though you really know the vast majority of stories are made up or exaggerated, it still sows that little bit of doubt.

The payment did get blocked from the sender’s bank last night and they sent a text this morning asking them to get in contact. Checks done and money released.

So to anyone ever worrying about things like this, a heads-up that it’s not all bag. I certainly did a bit of worrying until the notification arrived. :+1:


Good to know.

Monzo is my main account, and I’ve been with them since 2017,but even I have avoided large sums going through my account “just in case”.

Use legacy bank for that.


Ive transferred several large amounts into Monzo with no problem and I won’t be the only customer doing this , there really isn’t a need to comment when everything just works though … I can understand the just in case thoughts though …


Tbf the other issue for me in 2019 was the £10k a day limit when trying to move a significant sum from one savings account to another.

My legacy allows multiple £10k payments in the same day.


Will I disagree there’s clearly people who will benefit from reading something positive about it, rather than just stumbling on any negatives all the time.


Given mistakes are made all the time (we are only human after all) why assume or imply that anyone who’s account has been blocked is doing something dodgy

IF and it’s a big IF, Tom is correct and 95% of accounts blocked are done so correctly that means even Monzo get’s it wrong 5% of the time.


I’ve had over £550k in and out of my account last year in various amounts under £100k. My Monzo account is still open. I’m full monzo. Just saying.


I dont have that problem off worrying about 10k I don’t have that amount of money I wish I did though


I wonder if Monzo is able to see these checks by the sending bank have taken place, and is therefore more confident itself about the funds being legit.


sorry I wasn’t getting at your post, I was trying to say in a cack handed way nobody comments when things go well because it went …as expected …yeah, I know …still cack handed :slight_smile:


Ah ha problem with a forum can’t really tell how stuff is getting said so can’t see how it’s coming across :rofl:


Mind sending some over, as a test of Monzo bank transfers? :wink::joy:

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LOL. It’s getting enough testing this year on its own - a flavor attached! I’ve been with Monzo 18 months and never got to grips with the budgeting (so switched off) and I’ve just realised what the daily summary total is on the feed: total outgoings excluding interaction with pots and excluding the round up! Who knew? And what use is it to anyone? #baffled

Be careful what you wish for…

I personally, never had any issues with Monzo.
I pay their fees, that I agreed to, when I signed a deal with them, I don’t try to lie or cheat, I also understand, that there’s no such thing as a free meal. What amazes me, is the crazy amount of people’s complaining about not getting there 3rd monzo card for free! What a proper laugh…