TSB down again - any spare Golden ticket?


Just seen on Twitter #tsbdown looks like so many people are trying to login it’s crashing their systems again. Shame I don’t have any goldern tickets left as loads of people are saying they want to move banks.

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They are having a bit of a disaster. Feel very sorry for their customers

(Mr Rory Joe Robinson) #3

That’s why I’m here. Not happy with TSB, grumbled on Facebook, had a message off a friend recommending Monzo to me. Impressed so far, card is on the way!

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Welcome :grin:


Welcome, Monzo is the best move I ever made you should tell the people on their.

(Mr Rory Joe Robinson) #6

Thanks! Feels promising to be moving away from the high street banks.


If anyone has a spare Golden ticket they should help the people out and allocate them over at #tsbdown on Twitter.

(Mr Rory Joe Robinson) #8

I don’t think I can send golden tickets yet as when I open the app it requires me to have my card to progress, but when it arrives I’ll be sure to spread the love and send as many as I can to fellow disgruntled TSB customers!


It would be interesting to hear if Monzo has seen a mini spike with the issues TSB have been having.

(Herp Derp) #10

What’s the Facebook page maybe we could spam that too

(Johnny Ellwood) #11

Seeing as nobody has actually posted this for anyone who wants a golden ticket, here is the thread to request one:


Here is one to get you started - https://monzo.com/golden-ticket?utm_campaign=golden_ticket&utm_content=2kSObpA4iQ99wvRlp0ohoj&utm_medium=golden_ticket&utm_source=referral_link


Trouble is you can’t see when they are used any more, so you don’t know when to request the next one unless you give it to a close friend

(Herp Derp) #13

I gave one to a friend the other day, as soon as it was used I got a notification saying I got another ticket as that one had been used.


Are you on iOS? I think it may be an Android thing…

(Herp Derp) #15

Yeah iOS


It would be nice if Monzo did marketing campaigns capitalising on legacy bank’s downtimes with special “unlimited” golden tickets (bonus points for a nice URL like https://monzo.com/good-bye-tsb) :joy:

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That would would spectacularly backfire next time Monzo has an outage.

Corporate schadenfreude is rarely a good business move


I would consider that extremely poor taste! I don’t like ambulance chasers …

(Richard Bairwell) #19

It’ll be nice if the Golden Tickets weren’t just limited to a single use - if they worked like Bulb’s referral system (with URLs such as https://bulb.co.uk/refer/richard6920 hint hint!), it’ll be easier to provide them to others rather than ‘You just heard me invite someone to Monzo and you are interested? Well, you’ll just have to wait until they’ve redeemed their ticket [if they do] and I get a new one…’

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They had an unlimited golden ticket as an Easter egg which has now sadly expired.

Problem with an unlimited ticket is if everyone uses one they soon become pointless as they can only produce so many cards per day.

Waiting list isn’t too long at the moment anyway