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This was my thinking. Anyway even if was a new set of accounts still wouldn’t, absolute garbage bank.

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I did wonder.

It doesn’t let me see or choose any other types of accounts.

Only there for the switch bonus, it’ll be closed form September.

It’s possible but I can never forgive them for the total sh*tshow they were in 2018 - locking me, and then themselves out of my account, lying to me about it, and then pretending after five days with no access to any of my money that “it’s fine”.

I could never trust any bank after that.


Amen, I used to only have a Natwest and TSB account. with TSB becoming my defacto main account. The handling of that crisis by them made me start thinking about the bank I use more as a service decision and less of “loyalty” one. It made me start looking at the challenger banks in a more meaningful way. Its also forever tainted the TSB brand for me.


Did anyone who attempted this switch bonus round get their payout yet?

I’ll probs not be eligible, but curious if people have had theirs yet? Can be any day up to end September.

Nothing yet but I applied quite late so if it’s in order of transfer, it’ll be towards the end of the month for me.

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TSB bonus paid for anyone who did it this time around :raised_hands:t3: I had it last year too.


Yes got mine couple of days ago

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Done it here too. Got it a couple days back. Or noticed I had. £125. Time to close :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t decide whether to switch or go for the £75

Does anyone with a TSB credit card know what offers become available for existing customers after the introductory offers expire?

I get emails every month from HSBC, Barclaycard and others about shorter term offers (0% for 9-12 months) and my Lloyds card has offers available perpetually, but there’s little to no information online about what sort of ongoing offers get sent out once the advertised headline introductory offers are over.

It’s usually 0% for 12 months but can’t remember the BT fee. Thinking 3.95%

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Barclaycard is best card if you are looking for money transfer of balance transfer offers

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Thanks. I’m looking to create a little stoozing network to move a balance around with 0% transfer fees, I have offers with Lloyds and Halifax that allow that (NatWest and RBS default to 0% transfer fee too but the balance transfer feature in their app is broken), but just trying to find any others that offer ongoing transfers with 0% transfer fee.

Applied in app for a current account for the switching bonus.

My application has been denied, likely as they couldn’t confirm my address as I recently moved despite me providing accurate address history and this never being a problem before.

Does anybody know if it’s possible to ask them to remove the hard search based on this?

It’s not. You agreed to the hard search, and it fulfilled its purpose. It’s not like you were misled or the hard search was conditional on a successful application.

You can ask but it’ll waste everyone’s time. You’d have greater chance of success asking for a manual review.

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Hi Albert, have you actually seen a hard search on your file, and which CRA? I applied and was rejected some weeks ago, but can only see a soft search on Experian, nothing on the others (as viewed through clearscore and credit karma).

Ask them to check you application

Both TransUnion and Experian have a hard search from TSB

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The Spanish owner of TSB, one of Britain’s biggest high street lenders, was on Tuesday at the centre of speculation that it is being targeted for a takeover by the giant banking group BBVA.

Sky News understands that BBVA is at the early stages of working with advisers on evaluating a potential all-share bid for Sabadell.

City sources said that investment bankers at JP Morgan were advising BBVA on its interest in Sabadell, with UBS also said to be involved in an advisory capacity.

It was unclear whether any formal approach had yet been made by BBVA to its smaller rival, although one source said highly preliminary talks had taken place between executives at the top of the two institutions.