Virgin Money Credit Card App


As per this poll, Virgin Money supply a (semi) popular credit card. If you’ve not heard… they now have an app for both iOS and Android.

Thoughts? It’s pretty basic currently, but hopefully will be improved. I’d like to see statements added, to be at least viewed if they can’t be downloaded/shared/printed.

(Alex) #2

Just got accepted yesterday onto their money transfer card (26 months at 0%) so I can stop paying HSBC £20/30 a month just in interest and pay down my overdraft.

So should get to check the app out fairly shortly and will share some thoughts :ok_hand:

(Dan Mullen) #3

I noticed the app a couple of days ago. I used to have a Virgin credit card but ditched it precisely because they had no app. Nice to see they’ve finally released one.


And it uses fingerprint…unlike the Barclaycard app which still uses a PIN! I thought Barclays were the most tech savvy legacy bank too!

(SimonL) #6

My Barclaycard app uses face id/touch id


Ok…is that on an android though? Just to be clear , do you mean the credit card app not the banking app which I don’t have?

(SimonL) #8

No on iOS and yes it’s the Barclaycard stand alone app I believe I won’t enable it on android due to some platforms being insecure with fingerprint


Ok… but the insecure aspect is a bit silly for me as I have a Samsung with a very recent Android version and even HSBC allows touch ID on my phone and they were being really picky! Anyway, thanks for the reply.

(SimonL) #10

Your welcome I’m unsure if they can enable it just for specific devices or if it enables it for all android devices I’m sure someone else can clarify


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I successfully applied for a Virgin credit card last year specifically to make use of the 28 month interest free period. I was disappointed at the time that Virgin didn’t have an App but of course now they’ve sorted it. It isn’t in anyway as good as the Amex App in my opinion, but it is there and I can now pay my balance directly through the App from my Starling account. Face ID is there too. All in all, a good result today, downloaded the App, all set up, happy.

(P Burrows) #12

This is a good development, they improved their online banking about a year ago I was surprised they didn’t start with an app. I also got rid of mine primarily because there is no app.

(Matt ) #13

I was very happy to discover the app by sheer chance. Sainsbury’s have also just launched one