Trying to get verified

So I am trying to open an account, I have a legal name which is what my ID matches, but would prefer to use a different surname (due to circumstances that I would rather not discuss fully) the legal name I gave is what matches my ID but the verification keeps failing. I went into chat and explained my circumstances, the advisor then asked me to upload the ID and selfie video again but it still keeps failing. Does that mean I cannot have a preferred surname on my account, and that I will have to change by deed poll etc to open an account in my preferred name?

You’ll need to ask in chat again

Think most people using preferred name at sign up are changing their first name, not surname so at a guess this is why it’s failing, but chat should be able to advise

It won’t let me access chat, just keeps asking me to verify details again. Surely though if legal name matches my ID they can verify my identity? It wouldn’t matter if I could actually get back through to chat to ask!

Try calling 08008021281 or email Not sure how long the wait is for email support at the moment

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Lovely thank you. :slight_smile:

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