Stuck in the ID verification in Monzo app

Hi, I tried to create the account yesterday, upload ID photo and video. then system ask to communicate in chat. I did send a message via chat last night. Then I was asked to upload ID and video again. As I would access to the Chat from the App, I tried to upload several times today, and the system now suck in the page of verification in progress.
I added an “additional name” which I like to show in my card but not in my ID, in the “additional name” column during account creation. Will it the reason for ID verification failure? Anything I would do? Or simply just wait.
Kindly advise. Thanks.

We are just customers here, and can’t help with your specific query. However…

When you create the account you have to give your full legal name. You can then specify how your name should appear on your card, with some limitations.

For example, as I understand it, if your name was James Albert Dean, you could possibly show Jim Dean on the card, or even Bert Dean, but you couldn’t have Rocket Dean (if Rocket was your nickname that everyone referred to you by). IYSWIM.

If your name request doesn’t follow those rules, that could be a reason why the delay, as it now requires manual intervention. This could take a couple of days, though. If you don’t hear anything, consider ringing Monzo or emailing them to chase up.

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Thanks Tony.