Trouble with depositing into a betting exchange (I am in Malta)

I am trying to deposit money into Smarkets (an betting exchange). The first transaction worked but now it is telling me that my deposit has been unsuccessful. I have contacted Smarkets and they say it is a Monzo issue, my card is activated etc. I guess the reason could be i am currently in Malta and my address is in England (I am in Malta on holiday) Any suggestions? Ben

Contact Monzo in app

Go to help section and search for contacting support

Does it show as failed in the app? If yes, Monzo might be able to help. If not, it’s probably the merchant.

As others have said, contact Monzo.

Also, gambling sites can be quite picky about deposits, and their CS can be be spectacularly useless at times (though the social media teams are usually quite good), have you been using a U.K. SIM with the WiFi turned off? I’ve heard that can help.