Joint accounts help, partner doesn't show

Hi all, I’ve used Monzo for a while now, I introduced my family and my partner, my family and many of my friends feature in payments etc with the Monzo logo, my partner despite me introducing him doesn’t bare the logo and therefore I can’t link him when I want to open a joint account as he doesn’t show in list. We are going to go full Monzo over the next few months so we wanted a joint but I can’t seem to bypass it or have any other options as just not on list, any help appreciated

Couple of suggestions to start:

No logo means no Monzo account, has he opened an account with Monzo?

If so, have you scrolled through the list at all to see if your partner appears elsewhere in it with the logo?

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Does he have the payment with friends option activated?

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Oh I don’t know, will check, sounds like possible cause v effect, thanks, will see tonight.

He has a Monzo account he also uses its and we’ve sent money between each other but he still doesn’t show the Monzo logo under the the section of people available to pay etc.

Maybe he turns it off when he’s not using it?

Just guessing

Ensure that you both have payments for friends turned on in settings and that the apps have access to the phone contacts.

Failing that try in app chat.

Fixed thank you it was because he didn’t have payments with friends on. Thank you