Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

Took me a while to realise it spelt out Secret :rofl::rofl:


Same. I had to iterate back through the letters after staring at the last three for a while :man_facepalming:.

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Doh. I missed the other italics.

withdraws MI5 application


What’s M fifteen?

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Codename for new and improved Trends, covering budgeting, future periods projection, free money and more.

I’m pretty sure that free money is the exclusive province of the Bank of England’s QE programme.

I guess we are a bust for any announcement today then. You’d think that anything major would be inside the app teardown…

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App teardown suggests merchant view in Trends and some form of line graph (memories of pulse…)

(Courtesy of @davidwalton who can correct / expand as necessary!)

Edit: oh and a very recent one that suggested subscriptions for connected accounts (I think that’s what the app calls recurring payments).


Whatever this is, I’m pretty sure this won’t be particularly significant or newsworthy, btw. Monzo seems to play the corporate game of leaking new features to the press shortly before they hit for column inches / buzz. There’s none of that, so this will probably be iterative.


4.42.0 still hasn’t landed in the Play Store :man_shrugging:

Not that 4.42.0 means any Trends changes/features will be introduced, but you never know…

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Am I right in saying we didn’t get a beta last week, either? :thinking:

(Edit, that’s what you said, isn’t it? :man_facepalming:)

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Oh goodness. This is gonna be an announce but slow roll out dependent on an app release, isn’t it?

I’m not here for that. :disappointed:


Crap, they’re on to us. They might even start reading the forums.


Is this even really that useful? Feels too fine-grained?

I said it it often before, but IMHO Pulse is the best/worst thing. It’s great when applied to discretionary spending, but pretty useless when applied to an account overall. But discretionary spending isn’t really ringfenced in any useful app-wide way, so…


Now for the life of me I can’t find this reference. I remember a fuzzy picture (like sort you might get if you were trying to upsell someone to Plus for Trends) showing a bar chart and a trend line (?) but it seems to have fallen down the back of the internet.

Anyone got it at their fingertips?

Here’s the fella:


(filename: ‘trends_graph_line_blurred’)

EDIT: Looks remarkably ‘Pulse’ and also remarkably like my financial cycle :chart_with_downwards_trend:


Ah the bar chart element was a misremember!

Thanks for digging it out :pray:


I hope it also shows the previous month/year/period.

Seeing it going down as I spend is fine, but I want a comparison.

(Obvs I’ve already built this for myself)


I’d quite like comparisons with the previous period or, for the month, the same month last year.

A dotted line or something showing average spend night be useful…

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Is it going to be today?

  • Scratch that, I’ve lost all enthusiasm
  • Meh
  • Anyone still keen?

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Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be good.