Yearly view in Trends

Last Autumn we released an update to the Trends experience that helped you visualise your monthly spending with a bar graph. Today I’m happy to share the next step on our vision to give you unparalleled visibility of your money - a Yearly view of your spending.

:bar_chart: Easily compare months

The new yearly graph shows your entire year broken down by months. At a glance you can see whether your spending this month is trending up or down compared to the rest of the year. Want to understand why? Just hold down your finger on any month to see the monthly total plus your top three categories for that period.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: See your long-term trends

It can be hard to keep an eye on long-term changes in your spending, but with Yearly graphs this is all laid out for you. Are your bills drifting up? Are there certain months of the year that your Eating out tends to spike? Trends can now answer all these questions and more.

:calendar: Works with your custom reset date

In our last release we added the ability for you to set a custom reset date so Trends matches up with when you get paid. Our Yearly view takes this into account too, so that each month – as well as the whole year range – reflects your preferred cycle.

Over the next week everyone on version 4.18+ on iOS, and 4.17+ on Android will get access to their overall and category totals on the Yearly view. Graphs are exclusive to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium subscribers. To see your yearly view, just tap on the period picker in the top right of Trends and select ‘Years’.

Looking to hearing what you discover in your graphs, let us know your feedback (an any bugs you spot :bug:) in the comments!


Looks awesome!


Great to see this being iterated on. Good job!


This is starting to look like a valuable update, which may convince me to switch back to Plus! :thinking:


Looking great, I think the ‘hold to reveal’ isn’t very intuitive and I found myself trying to tap the months for more info. Didn’t know you could press and hold until I read it on here


The v4.16.0 of the app (assets change) alluded to this, and while I still don’t have it with v4.18.0, I’m sure it’ll arrive soon.

But what’s more interesting is what arrived in the v4.17.0 of the app, which could change at any time…

<boolean name="trends_period_swiping_enabled" value="false" />

Once that changes to “true”, we’re onto a winner :tada:

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I can already swipe sideways to previous periods if that’s what that is referring to? Could do before the yearly option arrived too.

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Wooah - you can tap on Trends, see graph, swipe left/right (fnarr) and see a previous period?


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Here’s a gif with just a pot selected, I don’t want to share all my spending!!

Does that work?


It absolutely does. Amazing :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I can do it too (iOS) but didn’t realise until @StuartL said


You can also side swipe after tapping into a category which I like.

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Got the swipes too. Fab

I don’t have this bit :man_shrugging:t3:

Me neither. Drip feeding it

With a yearly view I really want a mass category changer for pot transactions & bank transfers now too. Similar to the one we have for card transactions.

So if you change the category of a pot transaction you get asked if you want to do the same for all transactions to/from that pot, and the same for and transactions to/from a given payee.

I love the yearly view and it’s now my default but it’s not as useful as it could be with so many transactions that are categorised “wrongly” in the past.

On a side note, do people usually have pot transactions categorised as Transfers or Savings? Or does it just depend on the pot?


Transfers seems to be anything I’ve done (or IFTTT) and Savings is just my round-ups.

Looks really nice, and a great next step. I don’t have it on the TF version on iOS as yet but hopefully :soon:

Still needs integrating in with Summary for it to be useful for me, but I get that its not as simple as “just doing it”

Great work

I believe that the whole Trends project is an incremental but wholesale replacement for Summary. So you’ll get that, eventually.

Correct, and they stated that this would be a long term project so that’s good with me. But until they do, trends is a nice graph but not that useful apart to shame myself on how many donughts I’ve bought