Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

I am finding myself going into Trends every day and seeing the total spending update but then wanting to go into each of the categories that have been updated and double check that the transaction categories are right. I wish there was some kind of indicator to highlight which have been updated so I don’t have to go into all of the separate accounts to do this.


Hi. I noticed this option in labs and switched it on. I get a message in my feed that it’s been enabled and the message in labs says to wait for five minutes. I’ve waited a few hours and the new tab hasn’t appeared. I’ve tried closing / reopening the app, restarting the phone and toggling the option off and back on again in labs but nothing seems to get trends to appear. This is IOS. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I got it I got it!!


I’m now in the handpicked-few group too.

Trends seems to work very well with multiple connected accounts - will dig into it deeper later on, currently in a tent with no electric & limited internet :scream:


@twigusa what app version are you on?

yes, yes, yes, yes!

The magic of the prepay card was that nothing but discretionary spending ever went on it. When you combine that with the automatic category assignment it gave people this enlightening window into their spending that they’d never had before. And it was enforced “envelope” spending because it was a totally different account and so you could assign an amount you were happy spending at the beginning of the month and you’d quickly see if you were overspending and could slow down. This is also why the pulse graph was originally awesome, and later useless.

TL;DR: Please Monzo show us discretionary vs mandatory spending in Trends!


I’m on 3.94.0. I just tried logging out / back in and it took a little while for the plus / premium tab to show but still no trends as yet.

I’ve got it :grinning:


Me too!

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Finally :sleeping:, me too :grin:


Oh. So I’ve just noticed that the ‘Transfers’ category is still showing up in my spending in summary.

I appreciate that they are diff products and summary will one day go away, but assuming that’s a long way away, could this be fixed please?

Either I want to properly categorise this spend (paying off my credit cards) from my Monzo account and see it there in summary… or it’s going to be categorised on my connected accounts and therefore not show up again as spending in summary.

Edit: starting to feel like I don’t want to have trends until it’s actually built if using it is going to break summary further or vice versa.

And given that trends already overwrote all my nicely categorised personal account spending, the ‘breaking summary further’ doesn’t really seem to be a choice.

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Got it, but it keeps saying something has gone wrong and to try again in a few min, that was a few hours ago. I’ve killed the app multiple times as well.

Not sure if it has something to do with my Amex which has become disconnected, and doesn’t seem to be connecting when I try.

@Grantus what platform / app version are you on? Feel free to dm me your email and I can take a look

iOS version 3.94

Just to add that it is still missing for me. Whenever I toggle it on in labs, I get the banner in my personal account feed. If I tap the banner though, it does nothing.

It’s good to see those additional categories on :monzo: account :star_struck:
Same time it’s causing troubles for me as I already had some categories in same name for a few months :neutral_face:
To keep my figures accurate, I need to delete 3 of my custom categories and manually change it to newly added by :monzo: :scream:
It will take a while :flushed:


Echo above, a bulk change of categories is needed


Potential bug :bug:

I’m abroad and on arrival I selected the option to autocategorise my transactions as holiday:

Every transaction in my feed, and in summary is categorising correctly as holiday, however these transactions fall under different categories in Trends (as if the autocategorisation had not taken place).

Example below as viewed in trends:

If clicked into, it appears as holiday:

But if I click deeper into category selection it shows Shopping selected before I make the change:

Not a biggie - but seems to be unexpected behaviour.



In my feed they correctly categorise as holiday, but even in summary they are incorrectly (or inconsistently) categorised as Shopping


Trends is really bringing out all the bugs in categories, isn’t it :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reporting: will take a look :pray: