Tred discussion

I couldn’t find a thread so here we are. I know it’s been talked about on different threads but here’s a specific one.

Seems quite a nice app overall, a little basic and somewhere between Tridos and Algbra in terms of tech.

I note Apple Pay is coming soon but also they seem to be bringing open banking in too and Monzo get a cheeky mention along with the founders saying they want to be a “sustainable Monzo”


Tred are the ones I always get mixed up with Treecard!

But Treecard is that London based fintech that’s bizarrely only available in the US and nowhere else.


The strange thing is I nearly tagged you in the original post as I figured this would be of interest!


Linked up my Revolut just to see what’s what.

Not a bad effort. Font seems too big, app layout misses letters in the months across the top IE November:


Can’t change the categories on external accounts (not used the Tred card as can’t send money out only spend it (as below).

It’s interesting but I have to agree, that font is all over the place and looks like a kid drew it.

Wonder how this will compare with algbra over time.

Algbra brings me nothing except revolut vibes and i quite prefer revolut over the two for functionality and I love my gold Revolut card :heart:


Are the makers listening :eyes:

Would be helpful to also include all past and present transactions when changing :pray:t3:

There’s a lot to work on before openly just wanting to charge me for the banking service.

There’s also ‘we’re going to plant lots of trees!’ in all that - which a lot of ‘off setting’ tree planting schemes have been exposed as a bit of a con, for example - planting the wrong trees, planting trees in areas where there was already a better natural environment (wetlands for example), claiming trees have been ‘planted’ when actually it’s a forest which was already there but they’ve now been ‘saved’ from being harvested when there’s no evidence it was going to be harvested…

Generally ‘offsetting’ is a bit frowned upon now as being a viable way to carbon neutrality.

And being able to ‘pay friends’ isn’t something they’ll offer until out of beta?


Well, that helps my consideration of whether to clear Tred from my list of accounts. Bit annoying that they need me to email…

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So, ‘out of the box’ thinking - if you were to come up with a concept of a ‘Environmentally Friendly’ neobank, what actual features would you offer to customers other than ‘we don’t invest in fossil fuels’ (which quite a few banks claim that now anyway) and ‘we plant trees’?

What about something like (unlike Algbra with cashback on everything) targeted cashback for sustainable options. So, cashback for spend on public transport (that’ll probably be popular in the big cities like London)? Cashback with specific suppliers (milkman?).

I’m also not sure how banks like Tred can produce a ‘carbon offset’ plan based on your spend, when they only know where your spending money and not what your spending it on (are you going to Tesco and buying vegan whole foods, or processed ready meals?)

I was literally coming on here to post this. I love how on one hand they’re tipping their hat to Monzo “comparable to other bank accounts” and at the same time charging for what should be a free service - I’m not paying anyone to do basic bank transfers no matter how good it is.

I can’t see Tred lasting personally. I appreciate they have to make money someone but this feels like a miss.


I was looking through the offset plans and some were in the hundreds monthly. Who’s paying that? Seriously?

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The “Tred is next year’s Monzo” article in the OP was somewhat premature. Can’t see anyone paying £6 per month for a standard debit card.

Goodbye :wave: Tred, nice attempt. Maybe sell your tech to Triodos?


Yep, I agree that them claiming to be the “next Monzo” was a little ambitious

In many ways I was hoping for good things from Tred. When they first came out it sounded like a promising outlook.

But, others (cough, algbra) have since come along that probably offer a better option.

I was all for getting a card and trying them out but I’m not paying for what should be free service options from a bank.

I’m just happy I got their card while they were free :grin:


Banks needs to stop trying to produce this is your carbon produced from your purchases. If anyone’s signing up to them for this kind of feature, more fool them. Let’s get a generalised best guess, because that’s all it is.

There’s no way they can look at my transactions and then decide what my carbon produced from that.


I know, ridiculous isn’t it. You can’t even transfer your balance out to one of your other bank accounts.

I don’t think they are going to be around for long…

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Wait, what?

What I said. You can’t make an outgoing faster payment with them…

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