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Bulgaria uses the LEV (BGN), made up of 100 Stotinki denomonations

Monzo users pay the MasterCard exchange rate with no added fees.

Card usage

Monzo will not work at any merchants where Unicredit Bulbank (Bulgarian United Bank) or Raiffeisen Bank terminals are used. Most shops had their tills connected to either of those two banks. Users receive a ‘Card number invalid’ error message.

The card works on about 50% of the POS in Sofia.


The card works perfectly fine at most ATM’s with the notification popping up on my phone at the same time as the receipt from the ATM. The exchange rate was much better than most bank’s official exchange rate.

Fiibank cash machines allow maximum of 400 euro at a time, around 800 lev

Payment and withdrawal limits

All Monzo cards have some payment and withdrawal limits. To check yours before you leave, go to your Profile section of the app and tap on Limits

Crowdsourced merchant data

The Monzo merchant data is often incorrect (eg. the map shows the wrong location or the name of the place is not correct). Please submit improvements to this data so it can get better for future visitors


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I just made a payment in a book shop and they operate with unicredit and it worked. So may be that info is updated.

Currently traveling in Bulgaria, Monzo has been accepted at Unicredit Bulbank terminal.

I often buy things in Bulgaria, all problems were resolved more than a year ago. Worth updating this wiki considering the app now links to here as soon as you land in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria at present. I don’t think the issues are resolved. My card has been declined four or five times. Transaction isn’t getting to Monzo as no decline message showing on account.

This has been going on for two years. Mastercard should have fixed this with Acquirer and bank by now.

Dented by confidence in Monzo, started carrying another card.

This is very intersting. I’m not an expert at all - would wait for a Monzoer ot respond - but do you remember what merchants it happend with?

I’ve not had my Monzo card decined in any country in the last year, and I’ve been to a lot (Bulgaria many times, Iceland, Thailand, Germany, etc.)

Most times I used my card in BG it comes back declined. TransferWise have the same problem but that works more than monzo.

I am due to travel in August to Bulgaria (Obzor area) has anyone had any issues with Monzo in this area?