Monzo in Prague / Greece / Berlin

Hi all

Heading off to Prague in a couple of days and wondering whether anyone has tried Mondo out there? Same for Greece and Germany, where I’ll be over coming weeks.

Would be useful to hear any tips for any of these areas, esp. whether the card is commonly accepted in restaurants/bars/ATMs.


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I’m almost out of Euros so may get to try Mondo in an ATM next time I visit a Euro using country.

When I travel I traditionally don’t change currency back to pounds if I expect to be going back. Because card acceptance improves year after year my pile of EUR, CZK and USD is going down really slowly.

It is good to know that when I do need to get cash I don’t need to worry about whether the card I use is going to rip me off and certainly no need to plan ahead ordering currency in advance (NEVER just turn up at the airport and change your cash there!), I can just use Mondo and be sure of a good rate.

I’ve used the card in Cologne, Gibraltar, Spain and Rhodes and I can confirm that with ATM’s each country was fine.

I would always recommend just getting cash out of the ATM rather than Chip and Pinning things, especially from what @Max_allan said.

Please continue this discussion in these country’s dedicated topics, to make it easier for other users to find your tips :raised_hands: