Travel Summary

Last time I went abroad it was on my prepaid card and when I arrived back in the UK I got a summary showing where I’d spent money while in Spain. It also showed how much I’d spent in total!

Does anyone know if this is still a feature on the current account as I’ve just gotten back off holiday but haven’t received a report yet! If it isn’t a feature I definitely think it should be re-added :blush:


Hey @Benralton

Thanks for getting in touch - I’m pleased to hear you liked that feature!

It is something we’ve noticed is missing and we will be working on bringing it back in 2018 :+1:


I noticed this too. It really was a valuable feature that provided peace of mind over spending abroad, so I look forward to its return.

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Yes please bring this back - one of the best features.
Just got back from Barca and now have to manually calculate my spending.