Transfers out of account

I wondered if this is a general problem at the moment, or one specific to me.

I’m trying to transfer money out of my account to my ‘old’ bank, and get told ‘Sorry, there has been a problem sending money. Please try again momentarily.’

I lost my card last week, and have a replacement on its way (sadly, it didn’t arrive today), so I’m wondering if this has put a block on it, as it asks for my card PIN first. As my card is frozen, and the PIN button is greyed out, is my payment unable to transfer due to that?

I’ve messaged chat obviously, but as it’s the weekend I likely won’t get a reply until Monday. I wondered if anyone else was having a problem with transfers from the CA app, or if it’s because of my card issue.IMG_2682

I guess it might be card related. Whatever it is, I made a payment about half an hour ago quite happily.

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American english alert!

Momentarily means for a moment in English english.


Whilst we’re on that subject, I don’t mind someone contacting me. I prefer them not to reach out to me.


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