Transfers between accounts, rounding down to nearest 10p

There is an issue when I transfer money between my monzo current account and joint account (or vice versa) using the app. When I type in the value, the app automatically rounds the value down to the nearest ten pence. I can type in say £39.67 but what actually appears in the app is £39.60. If I’m not paying attention then I can think I’ve transferred my intended value but actually transferred something similar but different. If I am paying attention and want to transfer a precise amount then it’s annoying to have to delete the zero pence which is automatically added and then type in the correct value.

Granted this is a minor issue but it still frustrates me.

I reported this back in 2020, was told it was on the list to be fixed and then as with many things Monzo, it just never got fixed.

So yeah, the long and short of it is don’t hold your breath for a fix on this one. I’m not sure Monzo particularly care…

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Thanks Richard. I would vote for it to be prioritised!