Transferring specific amounts: between individual acts + pots

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I recently made a post-it note of some questions I had following a couple of regular niggles I came across. I wondered if any staff or community members knew if it was ‘on the list’ and if so, an estimated time frame for the changes?

  • Why isn’t it possible to transfer a specific amount between accounts + pots?
    i.e. £27.31 from a single act to a pot. At present, I’m trying to make purchases on an AMEX Gold to grow air miles. So when I do, I’m transferring the amount spent from an act, into Monzo, then into a Pot. Ready for a DD. I can transfer a specific amount no problem from my other bank to Monzo, but not Monzo to my Pot. FYI, I’m not #FullMonzo [yet!], and use my personal Monzo for all food shopping and the joint Monzo with my wife for all of our bills. We then have separate account for receiving wages into and personal spending. Hence the need to manage money carefully, move funds around etc.

Surely sending specific amounts, as many times as you’d like, is on the list to be a facility?

  • This is the same for between personal + joint monzo accounts too?
    I recently booked a group holiday for everyone - I paid using my AMEX Gold, but I can’t reconcile the amount to the pound and penny when moving cash between an account and Pot used for my DD savings. Instead, I have to over compensate the pot by the nearest £5? Which adds up between transfers from mates.

  • Why is there a transaction limit between accounts?

Any help would be thoroughly appreciated! :smile:

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To transfer 27.31, start the transfer and tap the number (£5) to switch on the keyboard then just type 27.31?

It’s not obvious I agree.


D’oh! :money_mouth_face:

Thanks @gmclean. Yeah, same as changing Pot’s image I just assumed ‘click the image’.
Don’t think that that is clear.

Am I missing something around multiple transactions too? Can I do as many as I want between act + joint act?

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As far as I know, yes. I’ve done a couple in one day (maybe 3 tops).