Transfer money to [account / pot]

Currently when you click on a transaction (e.g. money paid into your account) there is an option to “send money to [name]”, where [name] is the person the sent you the money.

Could we have a new option for “Transfer to account / pot” which then let’s you quickly move the amount of that transaction to another account or a pot?

An example of why this would be helpful…

My wife and I always move child benefit and working tax payments into a separate account so that A) we can’t spend it on other stuff, and B) so we know how much we have to spend on what we deem to be “family” or “child” expenses, e.g. School uniform or a family meal out.

The amount we receive is always some obscure amount, and by the time I set up the transfer (go to other account > add money > from another account > enter amount) I have forgotten the exact amount to transfer!

I just think it would be easier to click on the transaction and select “transfer to other account / pot”, then choose where to send it.

NB: this would only be intended for moving between your own accounts and pots within Monzo, although it could be expanded to include transfers to other accounts outside of Monzo.

Would salary sort not do this for you?

It should be possible to automate this with IFTTT :soon: too :crossed_fingers:

It may be able to for the main payments from working tax etc, but we also move other payments between accounts as well, which could be from multiple people and differing amounts.

Also, some of the other payments we might move would be from people where we wouldn’t always move their money to another account, e.g. a relative sending birthday money etc.

The specific example isn’t all that relevant here as there are so many possibilities as to why you might want to move an amount from one account to another, based on a transaction that entered the account.

Rules are great, but there are always exceptions :stuck_out_tongue: It just seems like it would be a handy feature to have to just be able to “Move this amount to…”

As already stated, the salary sort function will do this for you if the transaction is greater than £100 in value. What sums are you talking about here?

The example I gave in my original post was not the best.

It could be any amount from any payee, and may not be a regular payment.

The salary sorter does look like it might cover a lot of cases, but it only allows you to “sort” payments made in the last 72 hours (I don’t always check that often) and still seems to be aimed more at saving the process in order to save time with recurring payments, e.g. a salary where you always separate X amount for rent / bills etc.

The point I was trying to make was it could be made simpler to move an amount to another account. Currently there are 4 / 5 steps, and you have to remember the amount, which can be awkward (especially for people who have difficulty with numbers).

Instead, the process could be improved to be a 2-click process with no need to remember the amount.

So you want to click “£50 - Aunty Hilary” and then press “Sent to…” and it gives you the options of your pots?

Pretty much, yeah.

I’m dealing with a collection at work and was a bit surprised this wasn’t already a feature.

I’ve made a pot for the collection and expected to be able to click an inbound transaction and “send it” to the pot (this doesn’t need to be any more complicated than just transferring the value).

This would be a good feature for inbound and outbound transactions. Essentially a “Send to” or “Pay from” button on a main account transaction to easily transfer the transaction value to / from your selected pot.

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