Switching banks


I would like to switch banks and all my direct debits over to Monzo. I’m currently with NatWest and don’t wish to close NatWest but just change my direct debits over.

Hi. You cannot do a partial switch unfortunately.

Yep it will have to be manual I’m afraid.

I did this originally and it’s not as daunting as it seems. Most places you can update your direct debit details online in seconds, there were only the odd one or two that I had to call up for :slight_smile:


It will have to be manual, you can’t CASS partially

To be more accurate, a Partial Switch is a thing that is possible between banks but Monzo no longer support it.

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You can do Partial switch to Barclays, but not :monzo:

Look at the docs provided on the page :blush:

As others have said, this isn’t possible when switching to Monzo, but there is a work around.

You could open a new account with Nat West, then CASS the other account to Monzo. It’s a bit of a faff, but the end result is the same.

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So they could do a partial switch to Barclays (or another bank) followed by a full switch from Barclays to monzo.

Though I have a feeling that manually changing direct debits might be easier :grin:

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You would have to transfer the direct debits from one NatWest account to the other first…


Account A has the DDs.

Open account B.

CASS account A.

Keep account B.

But that would close account a

If they want to keep that account open, they need to go via a 3rd bank.

I guess it depends on what they want to achieve:

Do they want to keep their existing NatWest account? Either do it manually or via a 3rd bank.

Do they just want to keep an account with NatWest? Then they can do it “your way”


As @Ordog says it’s not that tricky to do it manually. I kept my HSBC account open when I moved over to Monzo “just in case”.

I made a little spreadsheet on my phone and when I had five minutes I would do one or two then tick them off the list.